Do Men Need To Exfoliate? Everything You Need To Know About Exfoliation!

Every man desire glowing radiant skin, but only a few achieve that elusive skincare goal. Do you wonder why? The answer is, they are doing their bit, not for an hour but at least for 15-20 minutes. And the good news for you is, even you can achieve the same goal with bare minimum efforts. All you have to do is put your major focus on EXFOLIATION!

With proper exfoliation, you can help other skincare products penetrate effectively. It can even help your trimmer glide on smoothly instead of sitting atop your flaky rough skin. But what exactly exfoliation is and how it’s so helpful? Let’s explore it all in detail below!

What Is Exfoliation?

Firstly, the idea of exfoliation is not new in the market, and many have been doing this for a long time. Exfoliation means using a physical crystal-like exfoliant, acids, or tools to remove dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin. And just after the dead cells get removed, the skin renewal process speeds up which gives a better and smooth glow. After exfoliating, men can see their skin brighter, healthier, and softer than before.

And if you choose not to exfoliate your skin at least once a month, the dead cells can build up which, as a result, can make your skin look cracked.

5 Benefits Of Exfoliation For Men You Must Check Now!

Exfoliation is not just for women, but for everyone who moves out a lot. In fact, men should focus more on exfoliation because of the harsh gymming and physical exercises they do during their day. To sum up why exfoliation is so important for men, here are benefits you must look into!

Exfoliation can prevent acne


Dead skin cells seal the pores which can lead to acne. When used exfoliant properly, one can unclog these pores because of which the chances of getting acne are reduced a lot.

Unclog Pores


Since the cells clog the pores, the oil produced by the sebaceous glands gets stuck under the cells. And all of this leads to breakouts since there is no way for oil to go. Blackheads and whiteheads also often cause harm to the skin, but regular exfoliation will help you avoid all these issues.

Help Other Skincare Products Penetrate Deeper


Dead skin cells often act as a barrier between moisturizers and skin. It doesn’t allow the skin to take in hydration and nourishment. No matter how expensive your moisturizer or serum is, the point is to get the nourishment in, and it never happens with clogged pores. But as all the pores get unclogged because of exfoliation, moisturizers and serums can penetrate at a better rate.

Gives even Skin Tone


When dead skin cells aren’t removed at an earlier stage, your skin tone gets affected adversely. There will be small patches and acne all around. But with proper exfoliation one will even get a fresh new layer of radiant skin.

Boosts Circulation

Boosts Circulation

Apply a gentle body scrub and massage it well on your skin for just about 30 seconds, the blood circulation rate increases. And because of this, you will get a better glow throughout the day.

A Step-by-step Guide For Proper Exfoliation

Now since you are aware of the benefits of exfoliation for men, it’s time for you to understand how best you can exfoliate your skin. And yes, there’s a specific technique to exfoliate your skin, read it out now!

Get right products


Gender does matter a lot while picking up a product for your skin. Hence, pick up an exfoliant that is made for men’s skin. You must even understand your skin type before choosing any product.

Massage Well

Whether you are choosing a chemical-based or a natural one, the main role is to massage it all well at different spots of your face. Also, remember not to exfoliate your skin for quite a long period as it can cause breakouts. Massage the scrub in a circular way all across your face, beard, and neck to get better results.

Go A Bit Easy Too!

Never go too harsh with exfoliants while you are using them on your face. Also, exfoliate your skin either once a week or twice a month. Using a scrub every day is NEVER A GOOD CHOICE.

Pick Up A Hydrating Mask Or A Moisturizer


Just after you have completed exfoliation, the very next step is to give your skin the nourishment it might have lost in the past process. You can either choose a mask, serum, or moisturizer to give your skin the hydration it requires.

Closing Words

Skin Care for Men Does Matter! It’s as important as it is for women. To your surprise, exfoliation even helps men achieve the most comfortable shave since it reduces the risk of ingrown hair and bumps. Try extending the grooming routine a bit to make your skin look glowing and smooth from earlier. And as you now know where to start to get better results, start it all right away!

The Indie Earth Arabica Coffee Body Scrub is ideal for both men and women, because of its gentleness and presence of pure essential oils and herbs. These essential oils penetrate the skin and keep it moist deeply while exfoliating the surface of the skin.



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