Skincare Routine For Men – They Must Try Now!

The idea of following a proper skin regime isn’t drilled into men, at any stage of their life. But that doesn’t mean men’s skin can take up anything. The pollution out there followed by harmful sun rays can make your epidermis worse and splashing water merely won’t give a better result. And if you truly care about your look and skin’s health, it’s high time for you to follow a proper skincare regime.

If how to begin with a proper skincare routine is still your question now, we are here to help you! But before that let’s look into some of the major benefits that would be all worth your extra minutes spent!

Why Should Men Follow A Skincare Routine?

Helps skin stay in good condition:


It might sound obvious, but when you move out around a lot, your skin does get affected by the exposure. Hence, if you start caring about your skincare routine, you can protect the upper layer of your skin. In fact, an effective routine can help you treat wrinkles at an early stage, and you can prevent acne, helping your skin look its best.

Skin becomes more youthful:


As you age, your skin ages too which in result can make your skin look less radiant and duller. But consistency is the key, and the earlier you understand this, the better it gets for your skin. Hence, if you take care of your skin from an early stage by using a quality skincare line, the dead cells are replaced with more youthful cells.

Prevention is truly easier and better than correction:


The more you delay skin issues at present, the more difficult it gets for your future. By taking early steps you can prevent skin problems at a cheaper cost than going for expensive treatments.

Boosts self-confidence:


Lastly, if your skin gets radiant and glowing you’ll feel a lot about yourself. You will be able to present your thoughts more clearly without bothering about how the other person is thinking about you.

The Best And Efficient Skincare Routine A Man Must Go For Now!


Step #1 – Exfoliate: The first and the most essential step to men’s skincare is exfoliation. Proper exfoliation will remove dirt, dead skin cells, and sebum from the skin. If used properly at regular intervals, an exfoliator can even penetrate into the pores and can unblock all the deep-lying impurities.

Exfoliators also unblock the blockages that often leads to problems like blackheads and cystic spots. Hence for these many reasons, one must exfoliate their skin before moving ahead to other procedures.

Try The Indie Earth Arabica Coffee Body Scrub With Coconut & Shea Butter. This body scrub is meant for exfoliating the whole-body skin to remove dead skin and tan. The scrub is ideal for both men and women.

Step #2 Cleanse: As mentioned previously, splashing water on your face never deeply cleanses your skin. Throughout the day your skin is exposed to environmental impurities and dirt, hence you need to cleanse your face at least twice a day. Proper skin cleansing removes all this dirt and prevents breakouts and clogged pores. To begin with, apply a small portion of cleanser to damp skin after exfoliating. Massage well for about 30-50 seconds and gently wash off your face.

Step #3 Tone: Many useful nutrients also get washed off while cleansing your skin. Hence, apply toner directly after cleansing restores all the nutrients and gives a smooth texture too.

The Indie Earth offers a wide range of skin toners to match your skin type and skin concern

Step #4 Moisturize: Just after applying toner, make sure to pick up the best moisturizer according to your skin type. A moisturizer restores hydration and makes your skin firmer and smoother. Moreover, a good moisturizer forms a protective barrier over the skin and acts as a guard against the bacteria and dirt responsible for outbreaks.

But the question lies here is How much moisturizer you must use. Usually, a small portion of moisturizer is recommended if your skin is naturally oilier. The reason is, too much moisturization can even lead to breakouts. If you have drier skin, you can increase the quantity a bit to ensure that your skin gets proper hydration.

Step #5 Sunscreen: Lastly, pick up your favorite sunscreen, even if it’s cloudy, and apply it evenly on your skin. We would recommend you to choose a sunscreen providing broad-spectrum protection and is at least SPF 30.

Skincare According To Skin Type For Men


Before buying any products for your skincare regime you need to understand your skin type. With a better understanding of your skin type, you can actually choose a product that will work effectively.

Usually, the skin types of men are categorized into four types: oily, dry, normal, and combination. Few men also have sensitive or aging/mature skin. Some might fit into a single category, while most men cross over into multiple categories.

Conclusion: Is A Good Men Skincare Routine Expensive?

Men’s skincare is not at all expensive, and with bare minimum efforts, you can win back your first bloom of youth glow. By following the above-mentioned routine, you can energize and invigorate your skin like never before. Also, make sure to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, because a good skincare routine followed by a good diet can surely do wonders!

Skincare for men is equally important as it is for women. But most men ignore it and consequent face dullness, fast aging, and roughness in the skin.

The Indie Earth’s range of products is gentle to the skin and is ideal for men. Take care of your skin with Vegan and skin-friendly skin care products.

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