How To Exfoliate Your Skin The Right Way!

Skincare routine is never all about cleansing and moisturizing, in fact, a lot of other steps go into it. Exfoliation is one such essential step, but doing it quite often can lead to issues as well. So, what’s a balanced Exfoliation routine and what exactly the term means, is still a question that has to be answered. Read on to learn more about this essential skincare step and try it right away!

What Is Exfoliation?


Simply put, when you exfoliate, you remove all the dead skin cells from the surface either through a granular substance, chemicals, or a tool. When the dead skin cells get buffed away your skin gets softer and smooth.

Talking about the natural process, our skin usually sheds dead skin cells after every 30 days. And just after this process, the new cells form the top layer of the skin. But if the previous doesn’t shed off properly it can turn out into dry, flaky, and dull patches.

With exfoliation, one can speed up this process by removing all the dead skin cells on your own. Regular exfoliation also helps other products to work well on your skin. In fact, moisturizers and serum absorb quickly because the surface gets smoother than before.

How To Exfoliate Your Skin Properly?

There are several benefits of exfoliation, for example, there’s a rapid increase in your cell turnover rate followed by good blood circulation. But special skin conditions like rosacea and hypersensitivity need different care. However one can stick to the below-given exfoliation routine to get the most out of your product without harming your skin much!

Choose a product according to your skin type


Apart from your skin type, you need to take care of which body part you wish to exfoliate. For example, body exfoliators aren’t recommended for facial exfoliation and vice versa. And even rugged body parts like heels and elbows require special attention.

Also, external factors do play an essential role in your skin cycle. In winters your skin is more likely to shed off dead cells at an early period, hence choose the product accordingly.

Apply exfoliators evenly


If you are choosing a physical exfoliator like a granular scrub, apply it to a dry face. And since the area around your eyes is highly sensitive, avoid scrubbing that area much. Talking about chemical exfoliators, you can massage them on a damp face too but for a little time period.

Work a bit with the scrub


Just applying a scrub won’t give the best results until you put an external force. Hence, make sure to massage the scrub in a circular motion with wet fingers for a few minutes. If possible, leave the scrub on the skin for a while so that the essential oils present in the scrub get into the skin to deeply moisturize your skin.

Wash off your face


After applying the face or body scrub, make sure to wash it off all with lukewarm water. Since your pores get opened up, never use hot water.

Moisturize or apply a serum


Lastly, pick up a moisturizer of your choice and apply it to your skin immediately after exfoliation. This is because, after exfoliation, your skin needs more hydrations and nutrients which only serum or a moisturizer can provide!

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What Is Over Exfoliation?


While exfoliation is known to be a key step of any skincare regimen, everybody often fails to address what over-exfoliation means and how it affects your skin. The average cell turnover of younger adults is around 28 to 30 days, while on the other hand, the time slows down as one ages. In some cases, the cell turnover period can even take up to 50 days.

Hence, one can lightly exfoliate their skin twice a month, and even once a month depending on their skin type. Even the frequency depends upon the product you are choosing. If the product is not too harsh on your skin, you can use it twice a week too to remove the dead cells and acne.

Know that, over-exfoliation can turn out to be a harsh step since it can remove your skin’s only protective barrier. Once the barrier gets removed, your skin will be more prone to acne and other environmental toxins. Some of the common signs of over-exfoliation include increased breakouts, irritation or redness, and dry flaky skin.

Conclusion: How Often Should You Exfoliate And Why?

Exfoliation can be done twice a month, but even this completely depends on your skin type. Make sure to choose the right exfoliating technique according to your skin type to minimize any risk of irritation. Lastly, if you find your skin to be dull in the early morning, try exfoliating at the previous night itself.

After exfoliation makes sure to use proper serum and moisturizer so that your skin gets the required hydration and moisture in the night itself. If you have any open pores or cuts, you can avoid exfoliation, or can continue after seeking professional assistance!

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