6 Skincare-mistakes-to-avoid

6 Common Skincare Mistakes To Avoid

A bad skincare routine leads to ugly skin and premature aging. However, if you want to look young and fresh, it is necessary to follow a proper skincare routine. But many of us are making some skincare mistakes which are causing chaos in our healthy routines.

As time goes on, individuals are getting to be increasingly sensitive to their skin. Due to expanding natural contamination, individuals take different measures to urge freedom of the impacts of this contamination on the skin. But sometimes, they make terrible choices to secure their skin and utilize everything else in their affectability, which is unsafe for their skin.

There are a few common skin care mistakes that almost all women make, often. Skincare mistakes are not only an issue when you are in your teens, 20s, or 30s either. Even though the anti-aging industry is booming, adult women today still fall into the trap of making common skincare mistakes.

Here are 6 common skincare mistakes to avoid:

Don’t Overuse retinol


Retinol is just amazing for skin, especially helpful to slow down skin aging. However, overusing Retinol can be just as bad as not using it enough. If you’re not careful, and you start applying your Retinol in excess, the results will be the opposite of what you want: you could end up with irritation and sun sensitivity! Of course, everyone’s skin reacts differently to things like grapefruits, salicylic acid, and Retinols; but with that said, there are some general guidelines you can follow when using Retinol.

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Don’t Use Harsh Products


Always make sure to use natural products for your face. A lot of people think that using a more harsh, “industrial” product on the skin is going to give a better effect. It’s not true. There are a lot of products that contain copper and other harsh, damaging ingredients that will do more harm than good.

It’s better to use natural formulations for your face. A lot of essential oils can soothe and heal the skin, which is especially important if you have sensitive skin or eczema. The Indie Earth offers a wide range of skincare products that are completely free from harsh chemicals. These products are prepared using premium-grade herbs, extracts, and essential oils, thus are gentle to all skin types.

Choose Products Wisely


People often use skincare items that contain dangerous chemicals and chafe the skin. These items frequently cause susceptible reactions. Skincare can be complicated and sometimes frustrating. There are a ton of products out there claiming to be helpful to achieve flawless skin.

Most of the time, these products end up clogging your pores, which in the long run, defeats the purpose of healthy skin. What you put on your skin goes into your body, so it’s important to choose products wisely. Natural and herbal products contain ingredients that are obtained from nature, therefore are much safer and effective than chemical-based products that may have side effects in long run.

Choosing the wrong moisturizer (not in accordance with the skin type)


Moisturizers are your best friend irrespective of skin type.  One of the myths that we need to throw in the trash is oily skin does not need moisturizer because it does but in a different form. People with oily skin are supposed to use water-based moisturizers or gels on such skin types.

Dry skin types are supposed to use heavy-duty moisturizers which will lock the moisture into the skin as this type of skin is prone to get dehydrated quickly. Choosing the wrong moisturizer can affect your skin in a bad way.

Take that makeup off

One of the biggest sins in skincare is not taking off your makeup before going to bed. Your pores get clogged with makeup and dirt plus the build-up which will lead to acne. Keeping up this bad habit will only make things worse for your skin in the future.

Many people fall asleep at night without removing makeup. The skin undertakes the process of renewing and repairing itself at night, but when you fall asleep with makeup, it disrupts your skin’s natural functioning system, due to which pores clog and cause acne and blackheads.

Don’t Over Exfoliate


This is a common mistake skincare enthusiasts make: over-exfoliating. Just like with anything you put on your skin, exfoliates and scrubs should be used sparingly.

By exfoliating excessively, especially if you do this daily or even every other day, you may be upsetting the natural pH of your skin. Always read the ingredients list of anything you put on your skin.

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Maintaining a regular skincare regimen is critical. Investing in your skin now will pay off in 30 years with gorgeous skin. If you start now, a regular skin care regimen may help you keep healthy, attractive skin for the rest of your life.

Preventing the common skin problems now may save you a lot of money and effort later. If you don’t want to struggle with acne scars, deep wrinkles, skin discoloration, or other skin problems, start with a proper skincare regimen today and avoid these common skincare mistakes.


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