What is Retinol and how to use it right away?

Retinol, also known as Vitamin A, is a vital vitamin needed for the human body. Retinol helps to sustain the health of teeth, soft tissue, skeletal structures, the mucosal membranes, and the largest organ of the body i.e the skin. The name retinol originated because of its function in the formation of pigments in the retina.

Retinol/Vitamin A is responsible to induce vision at night or in dim or low light, thus it helps in clear vision during night-time. Retinol also fades aging spots and softens rough patches and irregular areas of skin. Vitamin A also plays a major role in the production of new vessels of the circulatory system in the skin, thus increasing supply to the skin and improving skin color. Moreover, it promotes the production of new skin cells.

There are 3 major classes of retinoids. The first classification directly works on the skin and reverses skin issues.

  • Natural occurring retinoids that are Retinol (vitamin A) and its substances – retinal, tretinoin, isotretinoin,
  • Second one is artificial vitamin A which people use in oral medicines (etretinate, acitretin).
  • Last one is man-made local retinol (arotinoid, adapalene, tazarotene)

Benefits of Retinol


Retinol is a naturally occurring substance, and it assists in alleviating cell turnover in the human body. When scientists did further research on it, they detected that Retinol also holds anti-aging properties in itself. Following are some other benefits of retinol:

  • Experiments have shown that it has the power to diminish wrinkles and lines on your skin.
  • As we know that Retinol increases the cells turnover rate, hence adding a natural glow to the skin. Cells production automatically removes all dead skin and adds freshness to the surface.
  • It also helps with uneven skin tone, dark patches, breakouts, and clogged pores that cause damage to the skin.
  • Apart from skin problems, Retinol or Vitamin A also plays an essential role in physiology. It helps in sharpening vision, provides impedance to contagious diseases, bone remodeling, and cell reproduction. It is one of the most researched ingredients in the history of skincare.

Uses of retinol:


Retinol has excessive functions in the organ systems It is very useful as it treats the skin conditions involving:

How to use Retinol?


Retinol serves as an antioxidant and is effective to use in daily use as well.

Retinol can be taken orally in the form of tablets as well as in the form of creams. The dose should be maintained as it may lead to any malignancy if it is used in more than the normal amount.

It should be started within a low dose as the cream may react with the skin in the start while adjusting to it. The dose should be kept as low as around 0.5 to 0.025 percent.

Retinol comes in various forms, and we have interminable choices to select from them.  It is crucial to think out which concentration works best on your skin. If you start with higher concentrations, it will cause irritation, dryness, redness, and many other problems. If you’ve never used Retinol in your lifetime, take a start with the low levels of it. The low dose of Retinol is around 0.025%. Give time to your skin to set up tolerability.  When your skin would adapt, you can gradually change up to a higher concentration that is 1%.

Method of application if applied topically

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The face should be washed and dried properly after that moisturizer is mixed with the cream and is evenly applied on the skin at night. It will reduce fine lines, wrinkles, spots, etc. within very little time.

Pregnant women should not use Retinol because it can cause crucial mental and birth risks. It is risky for them to consume Retinol or retinoid during pregnancy. Teens with acne-prone skin should also not utilize Retinol. In your early thirties, your protein and collagen level start diminishing. Hence, the thirties are the perfect age to start Retinol if you want to build new cells.


Apart from its endless benefits, it can also cause trouble for your skin if not utilized correctly. Anyone can buy Retinol products without a prescription. But if you apply the higher concentrations of it, it will cause side effects.

The Indie Earth Retinol Deep Wrinkle Repair Serum comes with 2.5% of Retinol, which makes it mild and safe enough for daily application.

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