Is Kumkumadi Oil Good for the Face?

Our skin needs nourishment, just as the rest of the body needs. Due to the excessive amount of pollution, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle, the skin is constantly suffering and facing problems. It needs the power of nature to fight back and stay healthy.

Kumkumadi Oil is one of the best natural solutions to all your skin problems. It not only provides moisturization to the skin but also helps in treating several other skin-related issues. Before we discuss the benefits of Kumkumadi oil, let’s first understand what Kumkumadi oil is.

What is Kumkumadi Oil?

Kumkumadi Oil is a powerful blend of rare herbs and oils which is formulated to nourish the skin and help your skin look younger and healthier. It helps in detoxifying, brightening and smoothening the skin. This miraculous oil is prepared by infusing natural exquisite oils & herbs such as Saffron, Red Sandalwood, Turmeric, Blue Lotus, Indian Lotus, Manjishtha, Mulethi, Vat Vriksha & many more herbs.

All of these are natural herbs that greatly benefit your skin.

What does Kumkumadi Oil do?

Let’s look at the top 7 Benefits of Kumkumadi Oil for skin

1. Gives freedom from fine lines and dark spots

Kumkumadi oil is great for improving the elasticity of the skin. This in turn helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. When you use this oil on your face, your skin begins to age gracefully.

The oil can also even the skin tone and eliminate the dark spots on your skin.

2. Kumkumadi Oil is an amazing Moisturizing agent

This oil keeps your skin moisturized, without making you look oily. It gently treats the dryness and flakiness of the skin, making your skin look hydrated. As your skin receives the right amount of hydration, your skin discontinues its relationship with acne and pimples, over time.

3. Kumkumadi oil gives natural radiance and brightness to the skin

This oil can also remove dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin, to give you a flawless radiance. The oil contains saffron, which helps in giving you an illuminating and whitening effect on the skin.

4. Kumkumadi Oil helps in improving skin texture

The oil is loaded with the goodness of saffron, sandalwood, and turmeric which make it effective in reducing pigmentation, and blemishes which eventually improve your skin texture.

5. Kumkumadi oil treats inflammation of the skin

The ultimate blend of herbs and oils with anti-inflammatory properties makes this oil effective in treating and healing inflammation of the skin. Its antiseptic and soothing properties, help in reducing skin infection, itching, and rashes.

6. Kumkumadi oil cleans and shrinks the open pores

Being lightweight, the Kumkumadi oil penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and gently cleans the pores by removing excess oil and dirt. Over time, users notice a reduction in pores size.

7. Kumkumadi oil promotes natural skin cell regeneration

There are many studies, that indicate that regular use of kumkumadi oil helps the regeneration of skin cells. This provides a glow and suppleness to the skin and delays the signs of aging.

How to use Kumkumadi oil on the Skin?

You don’t need to put extra effort to use Kumkumadi oil for your skin. You can use it just like you use a serum or a cream on your face.

  • Take a few drops of the oil in your hands and apply it all over your clean face, and neck.
  • Massage it in circular upward strokes for a few minutes, till you feel it is absorbed in the skin.
  • Don’t wash your face immediately after applying. Let it stay for a few hours.
  • The best time to apply Kumkumadi oil is at night so that the oil stays on your skin for several hours and do its work. As it is a lightweight oil, it easily gets absorbed and doesn’t makes your skin sticky.

Closing Words

Kumkumadi oil is one oil that offers multiple benefits to the skin.

It’s versatile, multipurpose and completely natural. Thus, it is relatively safe for even sensitive skin. As this oil does not consist of any harmful chemicals, it can be used regularly used without any side effects.

Give your skin, the love and care it deserves.

Keep Glowing!!!

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