7 Skincare secrets followed by supermodels

Have you ever wondered how supermodels have radiant, flawless, and glowing skin despite their tough routines and lots of makeup on all the time? The answer to this question is simple. No one knows more about beauty than the models themselves. Most of the famous models have access to some of the finest makeup artists and hairstylists in the world to look flawless.

Despite having access to the world’s best dermatologists, cosmetologists, photographers, and stylists along with skincare products, supermodels have picked up a few very good habits to keep their skin luscious. Let’s delve deeper into the world of supermodels to know their skincare secrets.

Here are some of the best skincare practices of supermodels:

Wash Your Face, Before Bed


The principal rule of getting perfect skin is to “never wear your makeup to the bed.” Most models have always been super meticulous about washing their faces.

As we all know, it’s a very common thing that we can’t go to bed without removing our makeup. Maybe some of us don’t take it seriously but it is the main skincare secret of our celebrities even many of them reveal in their interviews that they always double cleanse their face before going to bed otherwise your skin will spoil.

To ensure a blemish-free face, always wash your face before going to bed that keeps your pores and pillow clean.

Exfoliating the skin


One of the most important steps towards glowing skin is exfoliation. Supermodels add this step to their skincare routine because:

  • Exfoliating the face helps remove dry and dead skin
  • It also clean-off all the debris and dust particles that gather up over the day
  • Exfoliating face, body, and lips properly is a secret to radiant skin

Moisturize Your Skin


Have you ever wondered how supermodels have baby-like skin? Motorizing and remaining hydrated is the answer. Whenever we take advice from someone for gleaming and glowing skin they never forget to mention that it always moisturizes your skin.

And when we talk about our celebrities there isn’t even a single celebrity who doesn’t recommend it. They are even more conscious about it as they work all day in camera and shoot lights so they kept it as their first priority in all skincare products. So, just never forget to moisturize your skin.

Make sure to cleanse, moisturize, tone, and exfoliate your skin two times a week. It’s better to Change your moisturizer according to different seasons.  Moisturize your skin a lot day and night to achieve that supermodel flawless skin you desire.

Ice Cubes Massage


Ice cubes or frozen water are used by women as a remedy for centuries. Supermodels use ice cubes to massage their faces.

  • Ice cubes face massage relieves stress, inflammation, and swelling
  • Increase product absorption
  • Tighten the skin which helps in reducing wrinkles and anti-aging

Invest in a Good Beauty regimen



Most supermodels have access to a top facialist and premium quality skincare products that help them to keep their skin glowing.

So, it is important if you invest and book a good dermatologist or facialist. Make sure to see your facialist once a month to maintain your skin.  Use only prescribed skincare products if you have any skincare problems. Don’t overdo it because applying too many products can damage your skin.

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Multi-masking saves skin


Clear skin requires balance. You can’t merely deprive your skin of oils without nourishing it. Most of the top supermodels use a black charcoal mask to clear their pores, then a cucumber mask to replenish their skin’s hydration. It’s very important to use multi-masking to save your skin.

Indulge with Serums and Essential Oils


Being in the profession of modeling, supermodels need to have glowing skin all day long. Serums and essential oils prevent skin from cracking and dry patches. Supermodels never skip this step of skincare because serums absorb the skin and prepare it for the next day.


Most of us are obsessed with models’ skincare and there is no denying it. Everybody is curious about how can their skin glow when they are wearing heavy makeup constantly for shoots? Being a model is not an easy job; you have to maintain your figure and skin. They are experts at appearing flawless on and off the runway.

Modeling is not an easy job to do. Being a supermodel, one has to deal with busy schedules, tours, and various fashion shows at the same time. Despite all the hectic routines, supermodels tend to take care of their skin properly. This is what their field demands.

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