Many Skin Problems – One Solution

Our skin faces several problems due to environmental pollution, poor eating habits, stress, and lack of sleep. Finding the right products that are effective and harmless to your skin can at times be an overwhelming chore. Most of the chemically prepared products come with some or other side effects. Therefore, it is better to look for organic solutions for skincare.

Products such as Kumkumadi Tailam (Kumkumadi oil) is one of the simplest yet effective solutions to several problems, our skin has to face. Let’s look at some of the common issues, that this wonderful oil can help with.

1. Acne

Acne treatment

Acne is the most common skin condition that affects the majority of people at some point. It leaves its marks, even after it vanishes. Dark spots, blemishes, oily skin, and dullness are the after-effects of acne. The use of Kumkumadi Oil can prevent the occurrence of acne and also helps in treating dark spots, blemishes, oily skin and dullness from the skin.

2. Sun damage


If you go out in sunlight, even for few minutes, you are sure the victim of the harsh UV rays of the sun. Some people get skin tanning, whereas others experience sunburns, dark spots or wrinkles. According to several researches, ultraviolet rays are the main cause of faster skin aging. Regular application of Kumkumadi Oil on your skin can help you in providing protection from the sun rays, eventually, you get fairer, clear and vibrant skin. The oil is packed with antioxidant properties, which slows down the aging process of the skin. It would also eliminate any bacteria or dust or contaminants from your skin, protecting your skin for a longer period of time. It works as a mild sunscreen.

3. Aging of skin


No one is safe from the dust and pollution floating in the air, leading to the rapid aging of the skin. Besides, chemical treatments and regular makeup also contribute to skin aging. The strong anti-oxidants present in the  Kumkumadi Oil give protection to the skin and improves elasticity so that, your skin appears younger for a longer period of time. Many people report Kumkumadi Oil to have miraculous effects on reversing the signs of aging.

4. Pigmentation and dryness


Skin discolorations (also known as Pigmentation) can occur due to several reasons. This can also lead to dark patches, dryness, redness or itchiness due to the inflammation caused by pigmentation. Kumkumadi Oil various precious herbs such as saffron, sandalwood oil extracts, etc. which can help you fight pigmentation and its effects. The oil provides amble of moisture to the skin and prevents it from getting dry.

This is not all, the benefits of this oil are plenty. Since this oil is formulated from herbs and does not consist of any harmful chemicals, it is completely safe to use it on regular basis, rather than simply treating the skin conditions.

Kumkumadi Oil is one solution to several skin problems. So instead of picking up lots of different products for different purposes, it is a sensible idea to choose single products for all skincare needs.

Have you used Kumkumadi Tailam on your skin? If yes, then do let us about its other benefits by writing the comment box.

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