Discover The Secret Of How To Hydrate Your Skin Naturally!

Are you tired of your dull skin? Do you often miss the skin you had in your early 20s now? Well, you aren’t alone diving in that guilt boat, but many are. Our skin requires a lot of water to rejuvenate every day. And one of the major signs to know whether you have dehydrated skin is skin dullness itself!

Everybody wishes to have a wonderful natural glow that comes all from within. Thus, if you are wondering why your skin doesn’t look nourished and healthy, it’s time for you to hydrate your skin.  But, ‘How to hydrate skin properly?’,

Before answering this question, let’s explore what exactly is hydration and when your skin needs it the most?

So, How Does Hydrated Skin Look Like?


What at first comes to your mind when somebody around you asks you to hydrate your skin? Apply a moisturizer, a mist, or just drink some water? If yes, then you are partially correct, but not completely!

Basically, a lot goes into hydrating your skin. And the above given not really just fit into the role. Skin nourishment can be done in two ways – by moisturizing and by hydrating. Hydration simply means to increase the water content in your skin.

There’s a fine line difference between moisturization and Hydration. Dehydrated skin often looks dry and flaky. Whereas, properly hydrated skin looks nourished and radiant. Just after you have hydrated your skin, the very next step is to seal the moisture, because your skin can dry up quickly. And here’s where moisturization comes into the picture!

All in all, both hydration and moisturization are an essential part of a beauty regimen.

Some Specific Signs Of Dehydrated Skin


  • Your skin feels dry, itchy, and uncomfortable
  • Lots of inflammation and redness around sensitive areas
  • Wrinkles are easily visible
  • Dark circles
  • Increased appearance of fine lines

How To Understand Whether Your Skin Is Dry or Dehydrated?


As mentioned previously, the two essential steps of skin nourishment are hydration followed by moisturization. If your skin lacks water content, you will face the above issues. Whereas, if your skin needs more moisturization and if it produces less sebum then it’s dry.

Know that, ‘dry skin’ is a skin type while ‘dehydrated skin’ is merely a skin condition that can be resolved. Many things and efforts go into skin hydration. But to make the process easier for you, here are a few simple ways through which you can keep your skin hydrated all day long!

1. Drink Water Like It’s Your Job


Water is not just important for plants to survive, but even your skin needs it. But, because of the humdrum around us, we fail to drink adequate water during the daytime. Hence, drink water like you do your job, on a regular basis. Cheat your coffee or milkshake with a glass of water. You can even make water pitchers by adding oranges and cucumbers to them. In this way, you will not just hydrate your skin, but you will get a healthy dose of antioxidants.

2. Avoid Caffeinated Food And Alcohol


Both alcohol and caffeinated drinks are enemies of your skin. Also, your skin gets dehydrated quickly if you drink a lot of coffee. As an alternative, you can try out herbal tea without milk.

3. Eat Water and Vitamin C rich Fruits


Drinking just water won’t add up much to your skin. Make sure to consume water-rich fruits in your day. During summers, you can try eating watermelons or berries. Oranges are a good source of vitamin C and even have a lot of water content. Adding water and Vitamin C-rich fruits in everyday meals is the simplest way to provide natural hydration to the skin.

4. Use Gentle Face Cleansers


Many people still miss out on checking the ingredients of their skincare products. They often go with recommendations, instead of choosing the best one all according to their skin type. There are several skin-harming chemicals like parabens and sulfates which are no less than an enemy for your skin. You must go for gentle cleansers that don’t strip off your skin’s natural moisture content.

The Indie Earth offers a variety of naturally formulated face cleansers that are free from harmful chemicals.

Pro Tip: Never use hot water for your face since it leads to dehydration. You can instead go for lukewarm water!

5. Add A Facial Oil According To Your Skin Type To Your Skincare Regimen


Facial oils hydrate your skin deeply and give the best moisturization. You can pick up a serum or oil having sufficient water content. Natural facial oils like Moringa Oil or Organic Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil are best for hydration. These oils have a high content of oleic acid and have anti-inflammatory properties too.

Buy – The Indie Earth Kumkumadi Oil

6. Keep Refreshing Your Skin With Facial Sprays


If you often stay outdoors then it is suggested to apply facial mists at regular intervals. It is not just immensely soothing and refreshing, but also hydrating. Mists are highly recommended during summers too since they can recover any loss of hydration. Also, did you know that when you apply moisturizer on damp skin it penetrates better?

7. Moisturize Your Skin Regularly


We have already mentioned how important moisturization is for your skin. If you skip out on this, you’ll have to keep hydrating your skin multiple times during the day. It’s highly recommended to use separate moisturizers for night and day. Especially during the night, you can use a heavier moisturizer to repair your skin.

8. Apply Sunscreen Everyday


Winter Sun is undoubtedly the best part of winter. But that doesn’t mean you must not apply sunscreen. Note that, you must never step out of your home without sun protection, at any cost.  Prolonged skin exposure without sunscreen can lead to premature skin aging. Sun rays often break the skin’s natural moisture barrier and deplete collagen levels. If you choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen, you can actually protect your skin from getting damaged through ultraviolet rays.

Closing Words

This is our true mantra or you can say a detailed 8 step guide to hydrate your skin inside out. But do remember that dehydrated skin isn’t a serious skin condition, hence, don’t worry much and simply follow the above-given steps and enjoy the hydrated healthy skin.

Discover the enchanting range of The Indie Earth’s skincare collection, which is formulated to give you flawless, healthy, and hydrated skin. Our products not only treat the outer skin conditions but also works on the root cause to give you lasting results.

Stay Glowy, Stay Hydrated!

Signing off!

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