Winter Skincare with Kumkumadi Oil

We all adore winters and the cold climate it brings with it. The cold weather means spending cozy nights with your family by the fire and relishing delicious hot chocolate along with it. However, winter also brings cold air that is responsible for dry and flaky skin. You might feel that all the magic has vanished from your glowing and smooth summertime skin. If you are facing a myriad of skin troubles, then it is time for you to introduce the miracle beauty oil – Kumkumadi oil – to your skincare regimen. Ayurvedic studies also support the usage of this beauty potion for making your face glow like gold. Let us learn more about the magical elixir – Kumkumadi oil.

What is Kumkumadi tailam or Kumkumadi oil?


The term Kumkumadi originates from one of its fundamental ingredients – red-gold saffron, also known as Kumkuma in the Sanskrit language. It is made up of more than 21 to 26 primary elements. A thoughtful blend of flower, fruit, plant, and milk extracts, it is one of the most nourishing beauty skincare products that you can find.


Different ingredients and their benefits



Kumkuma (Saffron) – As mentioned earlier, this is one of the fundamental elements of Kumkumadi oil. It is a reddish-orange, thread-like tiny component obtained from the purple-colored saffron flower, also known as Crocus Sativus. Saffron is rich in anti-oxidants that lightens the skin color and improves complexion. It also makes your skin softer during the winter season.

Chandana (Sandalwood) – With the help of this ingredient, Kumkumadi oil protects your skin from losing its summertime glow. The emollient properties of sandalwood provide the skin with the required moisture and hold the natural skin oils intact by limiting dryness. With the help of Chandana, the pores shrink and, it acts as a holistic beauty toner, further diminishing the indications of aging.

Daruharidra (Tree turmeric) – We all are well-aware of the benefits of Haldi, a lively yellow-colored seasoning spice. The strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory characteristics of Haldi help in avoiding germ-causing skin infections.

Laksha – Laksha, also known as lac, is a gum-kind of substance collected from Laccifer lacca – a female lac insect. This ingredient of Kumkumadi oil is famous for effectively healing blemishes or wounds. Ayurvedic researchers also use it for treating bleeding disorders and giving comfort from inflammation.

Dashamoola (10 medicinal roots) – The ten medicinal ingredients utilized in the Kumkumadi oil formulation are exceptional for normalizing vata difficulties. Dashamoola is also responsible for detoxifying and nourishing the skin, improving circulation of blood, preventing skin discolorations, diminishing freckles and wrinkles, among others.

Uses of Kumkumadi Oil

For improving complexion

Improve the complexion

Our skin releases natural oils to retain moisture in it and to protect itself from winter damage. These natural oils make the skin look fairer in complexion. However, as winter begins, the lower temperature causes clogged pores, further darkening the skin. Prepare the perfect blend of almond oil and Kumkumadi oil in equal amounts and use it all across your face with a moist cotton wipe. Let it remain on your skin overnight. In order to see improvement in your complexion, make sure to follow this beauty regime daily before going to sleep.

For preventing pimple breakouts and acne



As the winter air makes the skin dry, the skin responds by producing excess sebum. Furthermore, causing breakouts and acne in the winter climate. Prepare a mixture of a drop of Kumkumadi oil and shankha bhashma. Apply this paste over the affected areas on your skin. Frequent application of the paste will help you in getting rid of acne; it will also leave a cooling sensation on the skin.

For diminishing spots and blemishes

How to get rid of scars and blemishes fast

The fluctuating temperature harms your skin and causes dark spots as well as blemishes. Kumkumadi Oil is an astonishing product to invest in for providing you a healthy glow and getting rid of blemishes. You can apply the oil under the eyes that help to reduce dark circles. The many herbal ingredients, such as turmeric, sandalwood, and saffron, play efficient roles in improving skin health. Daily use of the Kumkumadi oil prevents discoloration of the skin as well as the area under the eyes.

For moisturizing chapped lips


The fluctuations in temperature not only harm your skin but also makes your lips itchy, dry, and cracked; further leaving the lips uncomfortable and super tight. For protecting your lips, from winter harshness, it is advisable to keep them moisturized throughout the day. The moisturizing ingredients blended in Kumkumadi oil are perfect for leaving your lips beautiful as well as hydrated. The oil forms a protective barrier against the cold air, also protecting them from pollution.

For protecting against sun exposure


Winter does not mean skipping sunscreen. In fact, the falling temperature and the cold winds leave the skin dry, peeling as well as flaky. This amount of skin damage makes it easier for UV rays to attack the exposed skin. Many conclusive types of research show that the pollens of saffron utilized to formulate Kumkumadi oil act as a herbal skin protectant from UV rays. The presence of essential oils and natural herbs allows the oil to work efficiently as SPF 30. Furthermore, preventing the skin from damage from free radicals reducing the signs of tanning. Apply the oil daily to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.


The Indie Earth Kumkumadi oil is suitable for all skin types and, it acts as a natural moisturizer, especially for dry skin in the winter season. However, if you have oily skin, then make sure to reduce the dosage of Kumkumadi oil to 1 or two drops only. Keep using the oil for a minimum of three weeks to see improvement in your skin.

The Indie Earth Kumkumadi oil is especially helpful during winters. Harsh cool winds are equally harmful for the skin as sunlight. Therefore it is important that you give gentle care and treatment to the skin during this chilling weather.

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