Explore The Wonders Of Saffron For Your Skin!

The fragrance of spice literally delights every single person. Popularly known as ‘Kesar in Hindi, saffron is even amongst the most expensive spice across the globe. The wonder spice is not just used to flavor royal dishes but even has medical properties, followed by several beauty benefits.  No doubt why saffron is still a time-honored ingredient!

It takes painstaking labor to harvest and store Kesar, hence one can find more of its goodness in many forms. Talking about skin benefits, it makes an individual’s skin blemish-free and radiant with proper nourishment.  Wondering how?

Readout more to explore all the beauty benefits of saffron!

Helps Fighting acne

Saffron has both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal acne-treating ingredient. The medicinal properties of saffron can clear up breakouts and acne. Regular usage of saffron-based products lightens acne marks too!

Helps in reducing pigmentation

Treats-HyperpigmentationPigmentation or Hyperpigmentation is often caused by sun exposure, hormonal changes, or scarring. Saffron is an excellent natural ingredient to reduce pigmentation. If you are suffering through dark circles, then you must include saffron in your skincare regimen. Because of its rich vitamin content like B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9, saffron even eliminates toxins. In all, the strand has the capability to limit damages to even sensitive skin in each possible way!

Works great on scars and blemishes

How to get rid of scars and blemishes fast

Saffron is a powerful antioxidant and has a plethora of healing properties that can fasten the skin recovery process. The potassium content boosts cell formation and repair. By applying saffron-based creams regularly, one can heal the scars at a higher pace.

The Indie Earth Good Bye Blemishes Face Cream and The Indie Earth Good Bye Blemishes Face Wash contains saffron and several other herbs that work effectively on blemishes and scars to give you clear, radiant, and glowing skin.

Gives a radiant glow to the skin


Are you on a quest for luminous skin? Pollution, harsh weather, and external factors out there can make your skin lifeless and dull. But by using saffron regularly, you can give the best radiance to your skin. The strands can help you give a natural and fresh glow.

Saffron improves complexion


Not just glowing skin, saffron can even work wonders for your skin complexion. The strands have been used widely for over years now for skin lightening. Even during ancient times, saffron was used as a prized ingredient for skin nourishment.

Removes suntan

Skin tanning is among the severe issues many of us are facing nowadays. Even after protecting the skin with sunscreens and scarves, you might get tanned. Saffron has both skin-soothing and lightening qualities of saffron that makes it handy for an individual to lighten skin tan. By regular application of saffron, one can repair and rejuvenate their skin in just a month.

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This toner gives you the benefits of saffron to remove suntan and gives you an even skin tone

Tones skin


Saffron is an excellent skin toner and truly works like wonders by providing a burst of nourishment and freshness to the skin inside out. Saffron is even called an instant fragrant skin rejuvenator. You can get a youthful glow even in your 30s by regular application, and that’s the magic of saffron!

Protects against UV radiation


We can’t ever miss out on Sun damage while speaking about skin health. You have to protect your skin against ultraviolet (UV) radiation because that’s the only option. But why do you need to protect yourself from UV rays?

UV rays cause oxidative stress which can damage skin cells. This can even accelerate skin aging. The active compound in saffron, called crocin, has excellent antioxidant properties. These molecules neutralize free radicals which in result reduces oxidative stress.

Supports wound healing

The only key to get a radiant glow is just by healing the pre-existing skin issues. At first, saffron heals the wounds and issues you have been facing for a long time. Moreover, it also lowers the risk of developing complications, like skin infections and scarring.

Slows down the skin aging process

Because of being high on anti-oxidant properties, Saffron helps in reducing and preventing signs of aging such as wrinkles, dullness, and fine lines. This herb also helps in restoring the collagen in the skin; thus, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Closing Words on Skin Benefits of Saffron

Saffron does wonders to the skin; that is why The Indie Earth uses it in most skincare formulations. It’s time for you to take a step ahead and beautify your physical appearance like never before. Also, do let us know what are your favorite saffron-based products in the comments below!

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