8 Skincare Mistakes You Must Avoid Now!

Who on this earth doesn’t want its skin to glow all naturally? We bet, none!

Glowy and gleaming skin is something that every individual desires the most. That’s the reason why many are following different skincare regimens for themselves. But still the results they get are not what they have desired. And then comes a moment of realization whether and whatever they have been doing for long is going in vain?

Possibly not!

The reason is, every skincare trend gets trendy because it has given some kind of benefits to its users. And probably it is not working for you because you have been making some common mistakes that are undoubtedly small but have a major impact on your skin.

Remember, to achieve the skincare goals you have to be cautious about every little thing you are doing. Because when it comes to skin, the mistakes show up in the form of premature aging, wrinkles, and acne.

Hence, if you don’t want to sabotage your skin Care goals at any cost, you must check out these common skincare mistakes and avoid them as early as you can!

1. Cleaning Face Too Often

It’s a no-brainer that washing our face quite often gives a different kind of glow. But did you know, this different glow comes with a price?

Everyone loves the after-wash glow on their skin because there’s no oil or stickiness on the face. But in reality, you’re not getting rid of oil, instead, it’s the good moisture that your skin needs the most throughout the day. Also, remember that harsh chemical product often damages the skin’s lipid barrier which results in acne production.

The best thing to do here is, to wash your face twice a day with gentle cleansers and make sure to dry your skin with a clean towel and not the ones that are used by many.

2. Using Ice For Acne

Many often consider acne the result of heat in the body, and because of this, they start ice to cool the upper layer of the skin. Yet another common misconception about ice is it reduces inflammation. But did everyone know that ice, when used directly on the skin/face can burst the acne, which results, in turning into a scar that is harder to get rid of.

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3. Using Harsh Face Scrub

Exfoliation is good for the skin because it removes all the dirt from the top and helps an individual get rid of dull and dry textures. But over-exfoliation and that too by using a harsh face scrub can turn into a nightmare. This is because harsh scrubs make skin hypersensitive, and the irritation increases which leads to acne breakouts.

So what best an individual can do here is, exfoliate their skin once or twice a week, depending on their skin type. Use an exfoliant that works its way up, and does not increase any kind of irritation.

4. Avoiding Moisturizer

As mentioned in the first point, many individuals have oily skin, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need moisturizer. There was often a common misconception revolving around this point that moisturization can lead to more oil on the skin. Which is in a certain way completely wrong.

The reason behind this is there is always a moisturizer available according to different skin types. The base differs and the results differ too. Thus, make sure to pick up a moisturizer according to your skin type, and apply it twice a day, probably once in the morning, and before sleeping at night.

5. Trying DIYs

DIYs are in trend now, and many often choose the DIY lifestyle which can do major harm to their skin. Some of the common and absurd DIY is using lemon, baking soda, and toothpaste to the worst of their skin.

Understand that, these harsh products are really not meant for skincare. A few of them are highly acidic in nature and can cause tremendous irritation, so JUST STAY AWAY FROM THESE DIYs, and LET SKINCARE PROFESSIONALS HELP YOU WITH REAL INGREDIENTS!

6. Not Giving Skin Enough Time To Breathe

When it comes to skincare, you have to be highly patient with your skin as well as the products you are using for your skin. What does this mean?

Your skin undoubtedly needs time to take in a product. And even the product needs some time to react to the underlying issues. Hence, make sure to not switch products within a few usages. Try it for a few months, give your skin enough time to breathe and absorb the most out of the product, and then you will get the desired results.

7. Simply Using Everything (Because Someone Suggested So)

The trial and error formula never works with the skin. You have to stick to a product because everyone has a different skin type. Nobody can’t fit under the same umbrella. Know your skin type, understand what’s working the best for your skin, pick up a skincare regimen and follow it religiously for a few months.

8. Constantly Touching Face

Lastly, we know your skin feels soft and subtle but that doesn’t mean you have to keep on touching it often. With our hands, we touch a lot of surfaces that accumulate bacteria and acne-causing germs. And if you keep on touching your face with the same hand, the chances are you would be transferring all this dirt, which can cause acne buildup, as a result.

Pro Tip: Choose naturally formulated skincare products that are free from chemicals. Herbal products are gentle and comparatively safe, and there are the least chances of reactions and side effects.

Closing Words

Since now you are aware of common skincare mistakes, it’s not the time to get into the guilt phase. More importantly, when it’s about your skin, you have to build up a regimen for yourself. You must invest in your skincare as early as you can. Because problems like acne scars, deep wrinkles, and skin discoloration never go off in a day or two. You have to start now by avoiding these common skincare mistakes!

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