Kansa Wand and its Benefits

For ages, Kansa – the copper metal, holds a significant place in well-being. Whether used in form of utensils or massaging wand, it works wonders for healing the human body. While It has vital medicinal and healing properties for the gut, it is also a key component in the production of melanin that helps in restoring healthy skin. That’s is why this metal is widely used in the form of a wand – Kansa Wand for massage.

What is a Kansa wand?


Kansa wand is composed of teak wood and a mixture of tin and copper i.e. Kansa. It is a conventional method of healing the facial skin naturally and has been extensively used by cosmetic practitioners. According to ancient mythology, it has the highest healing powers as compared to gold or silver.

Benefits of using Kansa Wand

Ayurvedic Kansa wand is used for and beneficial for detoxing the body and promoting circulation for a glowing effect. The capability of the Kansa wand includes cleansing impurities, improving lymphatic function, and boosting complexions. By massaging the face, it enhances circulation and promotes a healthier complexion.

Kansa wand comes with a number of benefits. It’s a great solution not only for your health issues but for your skin too. Some of the well-known benefits of the Kansa wand are:

Use in facial massage


Massaging your face with a Kansa wand has proven to be really helpful in rejuvenating the skin. It is utilized in facial massage because it stimulates circulation and aids in lymphatic drainage, resulting in clean, youthful skin on the face. It decreases the build-up of toxins in the skin and purifies it making it fresh and young.

Prevent aging and reduce wrinkles


As a result of its alkaline nature, it may be used to balance the pH of the skin, hence preventing premature aging, wrinkles, and acne. When the Kansa wand is used in conjunction with serum and oil, the effect of your therapy is amplified.

Use in self-care


The Kansa wand is used to massage the body with heated oil at home for increased health benefits. You may put oil on the Kansa wand and use it to massage the body or hair; it will get warmer and will remove the skin’s toxins from the lymphatic nodes, while also providing new oxygen to the skin. As a result, the massage leaves you with relaxed and revitalized skin. It causes the skin to go grey throughout the massage. Grey refers to the reaction between metal and the acidic content of the skin during the healing process.

Boosting lymphatic flow

Boosting-lymphatic-flowStroking the marma points on the skin with the Kansa wand can expel toxins from the lymph nodes. The skin’s natural detoxifying actions result in a brighter, more luminous, and clearer complexion. According to one study, manual lymphatic drainage may also help reduce edema. Massage the marma points with your fingertips to improve the appearance and feel of your face and neck. Face massages have been shown to improve circulation and the formation of the skin in studies. Daily use of the Kansa wand is a straightforward approach to enhance the appearance of your skin.

Use to refresh your mind

As the Kansa is used to massage the body, it grows warmer over time, relieving the body of its fatigue. When applied to hair, it provides the greatest head massage and revitalizes the mind by removing toxins from the skin and relieving body fatigue.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Reduces stress

The magical benefit of the Kansa wand is that it balances “pH” level by its metallic material of body while the average pH level is below 5. And releases the stress while using it at night as the Kansa wand decreases the tension and anxiety of skin muscles and provides a soothing effect and relaxation. Imbalanced pH levels can exasperate conditions like acne, inflammation, and wrinkles.

By using it with serum or essential oil, it provides a soothing and smooth skincare effect and it nourishes the fine lines and de-puff the eyes while contacting marma points of the face that helps to keep internal balance and marma points are energetic centers of the face. By massaging the skin’s marma points, the Kansa wand helps to let out the toxins from the lymph nodes. As a result, the natural detoxifying processes of the skin kick into stuff, glow, and a clearer complexion. Manual lymphatic drainage can also help decrease swelling.

Closing Words

Instead of looking for harmful instant glow products and costly cosmetic procedures, it is better to go with a conventional method. The Indie Earth Kansa wand is highly efficient and does wonders to the skin. It gives a natural lift to your face and improves blood circulation that promotes good nutrition to your skin. Simply enjoy a spa-like treatment without stepping out of your home with Kansa Wand by The Indie Earth.

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