How to take care of your hair in Winter

How to take care of your hair in Winter

Winter is just around the corner, which means sitting in your house in a cozy blanket and enjoying yummy dark chocolate along with it. Winter also means saying goodbye to damage caused by the sun rays. However, the arrival of winter brings its own set of problems for your hair.

Cold winter air conditions bring dryness, dullness, static, frizziness, and general lack of moisture to your skin as well as your hair. You might feel that all the magic has vanished from your silky and smooth summertime hair. Not only your precious hair is susceptible to dullness during these drier months, but you might also end up with a large amount of hair breakage.

So, what can you do to protect your hair from the harsh climate of winter? Read on to find some of the most popular methods which are tried & tested by professionals.

Pamper your scalp with a gentle oil massage


Nourishing your scalp with oil in the winter season is similar to keeping your body healthy. Oiling frequently in the cold climate will help your hair to avoid dryness as well as frizziness. There are millions of hair oil products available in the market, but many hair experts believe that using primary products is the best – olive oil or a red onion oil. They provide nourishment to your scalp and also keep it moisturized as well. Warm up the required amount of oil in a bowl, and apply it on your scalp & hair part by part. Massage your head slowly to help in the improvement of blood circulation; it will further help in reducing hair fall.

Use of shampoos


Do look for a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are some of the worst chemicals that can you can use for your hair. They dry out your strands thoroughly and take out all the moisture from your hair. The drier our hair gets, the worse your hair is going to look. Frizzy hair is unmanageable and uncontrollable. Also, make sure to not shampoo your hair every day. Shampooing three times a week is more than enough for your mane in the chilly winters.

Apply a hair mask once a week


Even the most damaging dry hair can be repaired by using this pre-hair wash treatment. The use of natural herbal hair masks can help you in curing problems like hair fall, itchy scalp, dandruff, and even split ends. Ready to use herbal hair masks are easier to apply and they help in retaining the natural moisture of your hair. Products with ingredients like shikakai, yogurt, tulsi, and neem are perfect for your hair. These ingredients are known for naturally detoxifying the scalp. Moreover, they can strengthen your hair roots and make your hair look lustrous & beautiful.

Deep conditioning is a must


There is a large percentage of people who do not use conditioners during the winters. That is a big no-no! Using a hair conditioner in the chilly weather is quite important. By using a conditioner, you make sure that your hair gets all the necessary moisture. It acts as a hair mask and keeps your hair silky smooth and away from static.

Protection against heaters


Indoor heaters might make your hair worse. The heat takes away a lot of moisture from your hair and makes it dry, sometimes this might give you a dry and itchy scalp. Using a leave-in hair conditioner can turn out to be a good option, or you can nourish your hair tips with a few drops of Argan oil or castor oil.

Avoid heat styling products


We all are well aware of the fact that heat styling damages your hair and makes it drier. Your hair is already in a fragile state in the winter months, hence stay away from hair straighteners and curling irons in the winter season. Heat styling may make your hair thin and brittle.

Use silk pillowcases

Make use of silk pillowcases to avoid friction for your hair. This step will prevent your hair from breakage and split ends.

Closing Words

The Indie Earth Offers highest quality naturally formulated and nutrient rich hair oilshair shampoos and hair masks which provide intense care your hair in winter.

The most important advice to follow during this season is to consume the right foods and keep yourself hydrated all the time. Include the right amount of proteins in your diet and drink lots & lots of water to keep your hair shining & silky smooth.

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