10 Reasons why your hair will love Red Onions

Onions are known for adding flavour to our favourite food items. However, a lesser-known benefit of onions is that they are really good for our hair. More specifically, red onions are extremely healthy for the body in general. They help in preventing diabetes, heart diseases, and inflammation in the body. They contain medicinal properties and nutrients that can treat skin and hair ailments.

Here are some amazing benefits of red onion juice for our hair.

It can boost hair growth


Onion juices contain sulfur, which boosts the production of collagen in the body. Collagen is a protein that helps in strengthening skin and hair and giving it a shine. It also promotes hair growth. Several studies have found that onion juice can treat alopecia areata or sudden hair loss. Regular use of red onion in the form of oil or shampoo can prevent and to an extent reverse the hair loss.

It can minimize breakage and thinning


Again, the sulfur content in onions is extremely helpful in preventing the thinning and breakage of hair. It helps in keratin and collagen production. Keratin is almost entirely made of sulfur. This protein is what makes the structure of the hair. So, due to more production of this protein, the hair becomes stronger. If you regularly apply Red Onion Oil on your hair, there are higher chances that you won’t require spending a big amount of getting chemical-based keratin treatment at the beauty parlor.

It can prevent scalp infections


Scalp Infection is very common amongst the people who experience sweating on head. Red onions have extremely strong anti-bacterial properties. These help in preventing scalp infections. They help in maintaining the PH on the scalp, which in turn prevents hair fall and breakage.

It can prevent premature grey hair


Some studies have found that applying red onion oil to the hair can help in fighting premature greying. This is due to the antioxidant content in onions.

It helps in making the hair shiny


Red onion oil helps in creating a shine over the hair. Once you start using it, it will become a regular occurrence. This is due to the collagen production which is promoted by the onion juice. Collagen adds shine and youthfulness to the hair and eventually, you get shiny and lustrous hair.

It helps in providing deep nourishment to the hair


Onions are full of nutrients and antioxidants. In addition to this, they contain essential vitamins and minerals. They help in the growth of hair follicles and in promoting the healthy appearance of hair. So, onions can provide nourishing properties to your hair.

It can prevent the growth of lice on your hair


Red onion juice can make your hair an uninhabitable breeding space for lice. The acidic properties of onion can maintain an environment in your hair that will not allow for these pests to grow and reproduce.

It promotes thickness and volume of hair


Other than preventing the hair from thinning out, onion juice can help the hair get thicker. This is also one of the reasons, why your hair stops falling. It provides volume and bounces to hair.

It can fight dandruff


Red onions have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which help in fighting off dandruff. Dandruff also contributes to acne and breakouts. So, you can control hair related problems with a bit of onion oil.

They can improve blood circulation to the hair


Red onions have anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help in improving blood flow in the body and hair. So, onion juice can help your hair become healthier and stronger due to more blood reaching your scalp.


The usage of red onion for your hair is quite safe. However. They are known to cause burning and itchiness if you are on the more sensitive side. So, your concoction must be mixed with a soothing agent, be it coconut oil or olive oil to be on the safe side. Consider your allergies and medications used before using this treatment for your hair.

The Indie Earth Red Onion oil is a perfect blend of red onion oil and extracts along with several other ingredients that have proven benefits for hair. If you are experiencing severe hair fall, you can consider using The Indie Earth hair Care Regimen.

The Indie Earth hair Care Regimen includes Red Onion Oil, shampoo and hair mask. Using the combination of these three onion oil based products can provide an adequate amount of sulfur and anti-oxidations which are much required for the health growth of the hair.


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