4 Oils That Gently Treat Your Itchy Scalp

All of us invest a lot of time and effort in maintaining our hair. We buy expensive products for our hair and apply regular hair mask, but do we pay the same amount of attention to our scalp as well? In our pursuit to maintain the perfect mane, we forget about the foundation of our hair – our scalp. If our scalp is not in excellent health, then all our efforts are going in vain. If you have an itchy scalp or dandruff issue, then it can result in hair loss. Moreover, it can affect our concentration as well, since having an itchy scalp means a constant need to scratch the scalp. Read on to find what do you exactly mean by the itchy scalp and what you should do to prevent it.

What is the itchy scalp?


An itchy scalp is also known as scalp pruritus. The most prevalent culprits behind it are eczema and dandruff. The scalp might also itch due to the extra accumulation of skin cells on our scalp, which further results in red patches and scaling. The condition can be quite uncomfortable. So, what can you do to relieve your discomfort?

If your hair is undergoing a rough patch, then regular hair massage is the answer to your problems. Be it a hair fall issue or an itchy scalp issue – massaging your hair regularly with some of the well-known and tested hair oils can relieve all your hair related problems.

Red Onion Oil


Hair oils enriched with red onion are in the trend amongst consumers. Many renowned haircare brands have launched their products with red onion as an ingredient. The proper use of onion hair oil can help in stimulating the growth of the hair and providing nourishment to the scalp as well. Onion is an excellent source of Vitamin C, B6 & folate, sulfur, and other vital minerals. The phytochemicals present in onion increase blood circulation and further restore the hair scalp. The red onion extract possesses antiseptic and antibacterial characteristics as well. These properties help in the treatment of scalp infections. Constant use of red onion hair oil can boost your scalp health and also, provide you with beautiful shining hair.

Arabica Coffee Oil


The trend of experimenting with hair colors is quite popular amongst women. However, there are times when the experiment goes horribly wrong. The hair dyes cause some serious damages to the hair scalp. Having an itchy scalp is one of the aftereffects. If you have gone through the same trouble, then using coffee enriched hair oil can be the perfect solution for your damaged scalp. Arabica coffee is the coffee that is obtained from the Arabian region. Coffee is an effective, simple, as well as chemical free ingredient. Massaging your hair with coffee oil can help in improving the blood circulation to the scalp and also in stimulating the hair roots. Coffee is enriched with phytosterol which promotes the retention of moisture in the scalp.

Castor Oil


This miraculous extract from the castor seeds can work wonders for your scalp. It is often used as a natural hair conditioner. The high penetrating property of castor oil can help in treating the damaged and dry scalp. Applying this intense hair moisturizer for a prolonged period can help in boosting flexibility, lubricating hair shaft, and reducing hair breakage. Due to its hydrating effects, castor oil is also referred to as a humectant. Usage of castor oil will not only get rid of the itchy scalp, but it will also make the hair lustrous. With castor oil, you can also say bye-bye to scalp related infections.

Argan Oil

If you are tired of dealing with dry, itchy and irritated scalp, then the potential solution is using argan oil. Argan oil is a pure substance produced in Morocco. It is enriched with Omega-6 fatty acids which are known for moisturizing the scalp and reducing dry flakes. The antimicrobial strength of argan oil helps in eradicating fungal infections of the scalp. Argan oil is also enriched with vitamin E and other antioxidants. It not only diminishes the dandruff problems, but it also balances out the scalp’s natural oils. Argan oil can be used as a leave-in hair conditioner.



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