Yoga poses For Glowing Ageless Skin

Yoga poses For Glowing Ageless Skin You Must Try Now!

Ask any gentleman or woman what wonders they expect from life, and the only common answer you will get is glowing ageless skin. But is getting all Glowy so easy? Not really, and that’s the reason why one might have spent piles of money but ended up with nothing. However, did you know that yoga has the ability to not just make you all fit, but can even give you glowing ageless skin?

Fancy highlighters can surely help you cheat those spots on any occasion, but how about stepping out with your all-natural glowing skin? Hormonal changes and poor metabolism are among the major reasons why one gets acne or blemishes. Also, a bad lifestyle and junkies can show up on your skin like the worst nightmare.

Flushing out toxins is essential to get a bright glow inside out, and yoga helps with the same. So with no more delays, check out these powerful yoga poses for glowing skin you can try out from the comforts of your home!

Padmasana – The Lotus Pose


The lotus poses also called Padmasana is one of the basic yet beneficial yoga poses one can ever try. The pose relaxes the body and helps an individual start with the upcoming yoga series, hence, even we are starting the list with the same.

To begin with, you have to sit erect on your yoga mat and keep your head forward. Later, bring your right knee to the left hip, and your left knee to the right hip. Place your hands on the knees and breathe in, breathe out. Try this yoga for a few minutes, but make sure to do this in a noise-free surrounding.

This pose will make you feel relieved inside out, and it even reduces menstrual pain a lot. The best part about this position is you can do it at any hour of the day, and get benefitted from improved blood circulation.

Precautions – If you suffer from severe knee pain it’s advisable to go for other yoga poses. You can even consult your doctor whether you can try this pose or not, and the complications too!

Ustrasana – The Camel Pose

If you are wishing to get a flat tummy along with glowing skin, then the camel pose is all that you must try right away. This pose improves blood circulation in the head and helps a lot in removing toxins from the bloodstream. Hence, because of the improved flow, one can visibly see their face glowing and less hair fall too.

To begin with, keep your legs parallel to the ground and your back straight. Move your thighs all inward and rest your hands on your hip while breathing in, and breathing out. Bend your body backward to touch your heel and stay in the position for a few seconds. You can repeat the same course 4-5 times a day!

Precautions – If you are suffering from severe knee pain or would have undergone any surgery then it’s suggested to not go for the camel pose since you will have to kneel down a lot. People with insomnia can even avoid this pose, as Ustrasana improves blood circulation and keeps a person awake for a long period.

Paschimottanasana – The Seated Forward Bend Pose


Paschimottanasana helps a person relieve their stress and keeps the body calm throughout the day. Even though this yoga pose asks for a lot of stretching, yet it improves flexibility and reduces skin wrinkles. The yoga pose is popular to improve an individual’s skin complexion by purifying the blood. If you are suffering from a poor digestive system, the seated forward bend pose will regulate your system and even tone the pelvic organs.

To begin with, keep your body straight and legs stretched out, and place your right palm on the right knee and left on the left knee. Inhale properly and stretch, bend forward to catch your toes. Now, bend the arm to touch your floor and stay in the pose for a few seconds.

Precautions – Avoid stretching your legs a lot if you are not able to easily touch your toe. Stretching a lot won’t be easier to do at first, but with each passing day, your body will become more flexible.

Dhanurasana – The Bow Pose


Since the pose resembles the shape of Dhanur (Bow), it’s called Dhanurasana. This yoga improves overall flexibility, and it’s even a great fatigue buster. And since the whole pressure here is near the abdomen area, the body gets detoxified which in result gives glowing skin. Being a powerful yoga Asana, you can even lose weight, if done regularly!

To get started, lie down backward, and lift your leg while your hips are still in touch with the floor. Stretch your body and let your hand touch the ankle. Stay in the position for a few seconds, and repeat this at least thrice a day.

Precautions – You should avoid this pose if you are pregnant, and also suffering from hypertension!

Matsyasana – The Fish Pose


Matsyasana is a great yoga pose for beginners to get radiant skin. Since the asana opens up the chest and improves blood circulation near the head area, one can get glowing skin in a few days. The pose even beats fatigue and helps against indigestion and bloating.

Sit erect in the Padmasana position and bend back slowly with the head reaching the floor. Inhale, and lift your chest upwards, and your head touches the floor. Hold on to this position and breathe in, breathe out for a few seconds.

Precautions – It’s suggested to perform this pose under expert yoga supervision if you are suffering from migraines or blood pressure-related issues.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, yoga is the best investment one can do in their life to improve their livelihood for the future. But the key here is to be patient and consistent, and surely the long-term results will surprise you like never before! These were our top suggested yoga asanas for glowing skin, yet do remember, that you have to follow a healthy diet backed by a healthy lifestyle.

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