8 myths that prevent you from growing your hair

8 Myths That Prevent you from Growing your Hair

Using multiple products, cutting your hair short, and whatnot are done to have long and healthy hair. Surprisingly none of the myths that reach our ear affects the growth of our hair. A woman carries her hair like a crown and so much is done to make it shine and look outstanding. Yet so much of the effort goes to waste due to the old wives’ tale revolving around the right treatment of hair.

Taking care of hair could be much easier than it seems if only the right method is followed. To that truth, all these misbeliefs should be revealed. In this article, about 8 myths are to be discussed. Feel free to be enlightened.

Loss of hair equals balding

It is very frustrating to find a lot of hair after every brush. It feels like losing a huge part of our body. But not to fear as this is just temporary. The increased rate of hair loss usually takes place during spring and fall. These are times when the hair undergoes the hair follicle resting phase also known as telogen. This is the stage where the hair stops growing hence, we see a lot of hair loss. This stage is followed by the anagen stage which is the growth of new hair in those empty follicles.

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Shampooing and conditioning the hair from roots to ends

Everyone has the desire to have smooth, shining, and healthy hair. But too much shampoo and conditioning can further the quality of your hair. The shampoo is meant for cleansing the scalp. Thus, should be applied only to the roots. The foam created is enough to wash the remaining hair length when rinsed. This is however opposite when it comes to conditioning which is to be applied only on the ends. The roots are naturally healthy and oily. Conditioning the roots will only make them greasier.

Blow drying damages your hair

Excessive heat does negatively affect your hair. However, this can be prevented only if the right hair product is used. Products like heat protection sprays and serums protect the hair against heat from hair dryers, curlers, and straighteners. Feel free to style your hair as long as the hair is guarded. Prefer blow frying over air-drying as air-drying causes more damage to the hair due to a lack of water molecules. Also, keep moving the dryer all over the hair instead of at one spot for a prolonged period.

Growth is promised when trimmed

Shortening your hair makes the hair grow longer. In other words, it does sound confusing. Growth of hair takes place from the roots, not from the tips. Although trimming does make you get rid of damaged and split ends. It is recommended to trim your hair every8-12 week. This will prevent the formation of split ends which often makes the end of your thin. Furthermore, shaving your head would also not affect your hair growth. The number of hair follicles is genetically dependent; therefore, growth can never be controlled by a pair of scissors or a blade.

Keratin straightening benefits your hair

Well, it can’t be granted. Especially when the people have switched from formaldehyde to chemical waving of the same formula. Indeed keratin has shown improvement in hair growth in the past but the new methods have proved otherwise. It is best to skip this treatment entirely.

More products more hair growth

The cosmetic industry has a great way to sell its products by introducing new formulas and attractive packaging. This has greatly influenced many to buy them without completely knowing how far the product is beneficial for the hair. Some products can further damage your hair instead of making them any better or perhaps can give no benefits at all. Hair growth widely depends on genetics and has its own pace. Every month the hair grows 1cm and nothing can increase the rate whatsoever. Try researching the ingredients of the product that is bought or used. Spending money on such is quite wasteful.

Receding hairline

Tying hairs tightly into a bun or a ponytail has been rumored to cause hair loss. This is only true if the hair is tied very tightly causing excruciating pain on the scalp. Loose buns and ponytails do not cause any receding. However, if the tighter ones are more desirable hairdos, then using the right hairbands and following the hairdo hacks that help look at a high pony can be in handy. This reduces the stress and strain on the hair and also prevents pain and headaches. Try changing hairstyle now and then, this might also help.

Transmissible dandruff


Dandruff is not a disease and should not be treated like one. Dandruff takes place on the skin of the scalp which is due to overactive sebaceous glands producing an extra layer of exfoliating skin. This extra layer of skin dries up, becomes dead, and sheds excessively. And that is the true mystery behind white powder appearing on your shoulder. It is not someone else comp or hairband that causes dandruff but let’s make sure that hygiene is still kept in check. Sharing combs can still cause fungal infections so it is best if the combs are kept to yourselves.

Closing words

Taking care of hair is no rocket science. Getting rid of a few myths in your lives can make lives easier and avoid bad hair days as well.

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