6 Expert Haircare Tips for Men

Hairs are an essential part of the stylish glimpse of men. There are numerous ingredients of modish hairs like style, length, and products employed for voguish styling and everyday care for the hairs of men. Hair Care is essential either for men or women. However, men need to pay attention to the health of their hair.

Taking care of your hair is not a tedious task. It requires only a handful of simple tips.

6 Expert Haircare Tips for Men

1. Make a wise product choice


Another vital hair care tip for men would be to invest in the right hair care products. Whether it’s a regular shampoo or styling hair gel, this tip is vital for anything that goes in your hair. You know you can’t always go with your gut or trust product reviews. It’s better to begin your hair care routine by knowing your hair type and what

products would best suit them. It would be excellent if you sought a hair care specialist before you make the final decision.

2. Make regular trips to the barberMake-regular-trips-to-the-barber

Do you delay your barber trips due to your busy working schedules? If you’re delaying your trips to the barber, it means you’re not giving much importance to hair care.  It’s very important to find time to have grooming sessions with the barber.

Having monthly grooming sessions will help you a great deal to maintain your hairstyle. You may easily get rid of dead ends, weak strands, and dry hair which can all make your hair feel unhealthy in its cores. Regular grooming sessions may do wonders to maintain your hair health and encourage consistent growth.

3. Follow a good healthy diet


Watch your diet. What goes in your mouth comes out on your look, affecting your health and hair. To ensure good effects on your hair, include protein in your diet.

Proteins are the best friend of your hair that promotes hair growth as well as hair strength.  Vitamin C, D, and Zinc are the best proteins if you are looking to stimulate hair growth.

4. Avoid shampooing daily


It’s no secret that we are tired of the accumulating oils in our scalp that makes us feel sticky and gross in our scalp and to fight off that feeling, we inevitably wash our hair almost every other day. Well, believe it or not, but shampooing more often is one of the real reasons you’re facing an oilier scalp.

Your body naturally produces oils to regulate the texture of your skin but in the process of shampooing, you are essentially stripping away the excess oils. In response, your body boosts oil production to compensate for that loss. This means the more you shampoo the more oils are released.

According to experts, you shouldn’t shampoo more than thrice a week and even once a week should work to keep your hair oil-free and fresh in the looks

5. Be gentle with your hair

Be-gentle-with-your-hairMany of us get rough with our hair while working on the tangles. If you indulge in scuffling with the hair tangles and aggressively rubbing the towel while drying, you are disfavouring your hair. It may stimulate hair thinning and even hair loss in adverse cases.

Stay calm and gentle while brushing and drying your hair. You will feel a great change once you smoothly brush and dry after taking showers.

Also, avoid chemical-based products, instead switch to herbal products, especially if you color your hair regularly.

6. Moisturize your hairs

Skins need hydration to remain flawless and not to break out, similarly, our scalp and hair need moisturization often that keeps them hydrated. Hydration promotes the healthy growth of hair. Shampoo alone can make your scalp dry which leads to hair care problems. Use a good conditioner or hair mask for the nourishment of your hair along with the shampoo.

Your hair must be properly moisturized back to prevent drying out and getting damaged. So, care for your hair better by adding conditioners to your hair care haul.


Taking care of your hair is equally important as taking care of yourself. Hair can give your personality a branded look or roadside beggar. One should give importance to hair to appear more pleasant. Understand your hair type, set up a routine for it. Adopt this habit to take care of your hair, they will take care of your looks.

The Indie Earth Hair Care Range is ideal for Men’s hair. Our range is based on time-tested principles of Ayurveda, which is why these products are safe and extremely effective.

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