What is a Facial Toner? What it Does to your Skin

What is a Facial Toner? What it Does to your Skin

Skincare is one of the essential practices of the regiment of self-care. It supports skin integrity, enhances its appearance, and relive the skin conditions. Skincare can incorporate nutrition, avoidance of extreme sun exposure, appropriate use of emollients. Skincare is a daily routine practice that is usually used by people with all kinds of skin such as too dry skin or too moist skin.

Skincare Regimens can indeed vary from person to person, however, there are a few basic steps that remain the same.

The first step is that you need to wash your face and the second one is that you need to hydrate your face. Everything in between is what matters the most. However, one thing which we’ll focus on this post is –

What is toner?

What does toner do to your skin?

What is a Facial Toner?

Even though this step is not considered optional, it is downright essential to others. Toners are not mandatory to use per se, however, this Facial Toner can enhance the effect on your skin.

Face toner is an in-between step for skincare. It is supposed to be used after washing the face but before using Serum or moisturizer.

Toners come in several kinds – some are made to purify the skin after cleanse and there are some which balance the skin barriers and others add an extra layer of moisture. The general thread for toners is that it works as a prep step – it prepares your skin for the Skin Treatment which follows. The use of face toner helps us to understand where these toners fall into the routine.

They usually come after your Cleanser, be it single cleansing or double cleansing, are then followed up by oils, Serums, lotions, etc.

You can use toner for various reasons be it hydration, exfoliation, brightening, or even barrier support, for that matter. When you decide to add a toner in your skincare regimen, you can choose from endless options – choosing the appropriate addition for your skin narrows down to the correct ingredients for your Skin Type. Knowing what kind of toner you require, can help you to decide which toner is the most apt for you.

There are toners which are humectants, it binds moisture to the skin. And others are enriched with minerals and vitamins. Some of them are used to remove drying chlorines and minerals which are present in tap water.

What does Toner do for the Skin?

In this part of the article, we will be enlisting the benefits of the toner.

It Purifies the Skin

Face toner can be applied using round cotton balls or eco-friendly, reusable alternative which give the face a once-over to remove any kind of debris which is left behind lingering even after cleansing. Toners are used to remove the last traces of dirt, impurities, or any makeup stuck in our pores even after washing our face.

There are advanced toners which have the bonus of gently purifying. Gone are the days of those drying, oil-stripping, alcohol-based toners of the past. Now is the time for non-drying, water-based toners which respect the integrity of your skin and the natural protective oils while infusing purifying botanical extracts.

It Balances Skin

Your face toner can help you to balance the pH of your skin by helping the skin to return to its proper baseline with the protective and acid mantle intact. When we cleanse our skin, the pH of our skin gets disturbed due to alkaline present in the soaps, which toner helps to restore.

Why is it important to have a balanced pH?

The slight acidic state functions as a protective shield to invaders such as bacteria or other microbes and contaminants. Skin’s slight acidic nature is of keen importance to maintain the balance of prebiotics and probiotics on the outermost layer of your skin. This acid mantle is more like an immune system for the skin and thus, it is the most essential to keep your skin healthy.

It Boosts Hydration

The toners that we use today are more of hydrating formulations, unlike those alcohol-based toners which are often the result of dried skin. Now, the toners are made with humectants, oils, and other moisturizers that preserve and promote the moisture levels of your skin. The other ingredients which help to hydrate the skin and are present in the toners are aloe, glycerine, and ceramides.

It Improves Product Absorption

Toners have also proved to help in promoting the absorption and efficacy of the products which further follow in your skincare regimen. When it removes dirt, debris, or grime, it removes the obstacle and further improves the absorbing capacity of the toner. The other function which enables one to perform its function efficiently is making the skin return to its natural pH.

All of this concludes that face toners can absorb products efficiently and effectively while making sure that impurities stay out.

It is up to you to decide whether using a toner will be right for you or not. It narrows down to your skincare needs and how comfortable are you with an additional step in your regimen. If you try the product, you will observe the mentioned functions and how it enhances your skin.

The Indie Earth offers a wide range of facial toners that are formulated to give several benefits to your skin. Each one is meant for different skin types. You can choose the one according to your skin type. Being formulated using herbal ingredients, all of them are gentle and safe to the skin.

Bottom Line

Facial Toners are a “must-have” addition to your simple everyday Skincare Regimen. Just with the use of a toner, you can add life and freshness to your skin for several hours.

Take Care of your skin and keep shining!

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