Ultimate Weekend Selfcare Ideas To Unwind Yourself!

Trying to live the healthiest life, eating clean, working out, all between these humdrum around can get difficult at times. There are deadlines on the calendar to complete, meetings in the office to ace, and kids at home to feed, a whole week demands so much more energy. And the stress to accomplish it all, is just too much that sometimes it gets on nerves.

Although it’s fair to meet deadlines, and have an achieve it all attitude, overlooking mental health to do it all is just not so good.

Regardless of the number of treats, you have been giving your body the whole week long, and the number of nights you have partied, your body needs rest. And resting here just doesn’t mean taking a nap, but a good self-care routine to follow.

At first, self-care might seem a boring task to do and time commitment might be a deal to you. But know that your body needs to be refueled, and your mind has to get refreshed before the other week starts again – and nothing other than self-care will give it all to you.

With no more delays, check out these 6 easy acts of self-care (you can even try these at home too)!

1. Head Massages Never Go Wrong


A good head massage does not just feel fabulous, but even comes with great sets of benefits. For example, if you are someone who often struggles with migraine pains, a good massage can relieve that pain, and would additionally give you sensory pleasures. It even releases tension and reduces stress.

Even less specialized massages, the one that can be done at home, has the power to improve blood circulation in the head and neck area. If you don’t have much time to give yourself a good hair massage, you can do a quick scalp massage, to increase your hair thickness.

2. Take Essential Oil Bubble Bath


Probably one of the best decisions you can make for yourself during weekends is a hot bubble bath with essential oils. Just after you step into the bathtub, your tension of the whole week will melt away. A relaxing soak in the tub filled with bubbles will not just reduce your body’s stress levels, but even would help you sleep better.

A hot bath with lavender essential oil has the power to banish cold and flu related symptoms, and ease muscle and joints pain. It even improves overall heart health by surging the happiness hormone level.

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3. Try Out Aromatherapy


Being used for thousands of years now, Aromatherapy is a great cure to stress and a potent cure-all for many ills. Basically, in Aromatherapy, the therapist uses essential oils extracted from the leaves, flowers, bark, or fruit of a plant. Many pounds of this goodness makeup just one small bottle, so now you know, what’s the magic done here!

Also, since every essential oil comes with its own unique aroma and health benefits, you can try different oils, or combine them, and then explore what best suits you. With aromatherapy, you will definitely get good sleep, easier breathing, improved skin, and an instant mood boost.

4. Go For A Spa


A relaxing spa visit is the best way to unwind from stress. If you don’t want to step out, you can also try home spas which offer the same benefits. No matter what treatment you choose, you will notice an instant mood boost at the start of the session itself.

Apart from body and mind relaxation, regular spa sessions also help skin look more radiant. It minimizes acne spots and reduces fine lines, giving you a radiant glow just after a few sessions. A good spa session is known to release serotonin and dopamine – the happiness hormones of the human body. And to the last, it even enhances confidence in any individual by helping them look the best version of themselves.

5. Do three things you like doing the most


Along with doing different skincare and body care activities, make sure to do three things and more you like doing the most to yourself. It can be anything random like spending the noon reading the best book, visiting your favorite place in your city, contacting friends, or cooking and eating healthy food.

Make sure to start your weekend off right by doing things you *finally* wanted to do it for yourself.

6. Lastly, Try Skincare To The Escape


In the fast-paced culture of today, taking a day out to take the best care of the skin can never go wrong. Hence, make sure to give your skin a gentle massage with Kansa wand, Gua Sha stone, a jade roller, or even your fingertips. This massage will boost blood circulation and relax your facial muscles, giving you the best glow for the week ahead. You can even try out different face masks that best suit your skin type, and give your skin the pampering it deserves.

Even though our routine gets hectic all day long, it’s up to us how we make up our weekend and head start all fresh next week. Above are some of the effective self-care ideas that have probably helped many individuals regain confidence. Also, if you have been following a certain kind of self-care regimen, and if it’s working amazingly for you, do let us know in the comments below!

And lastly, if any of these tips worked for you, we would love to know that too in the comments!

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