Summer Skin Care Routines

Summer, a season where there are longer days and shorter nights. A time for vacations and to have a lot of fun. But it’s very important to take care of ourselves in summer.  Starting from the skin, one of the things that are affected most by the heat and the rays from the sun.

How much a person can be affected during the summers also depends on what part of the world people live in or what part of the world people will go to. For example, in higher lands where there are mountains and the temperature is quite low as compared to the lands such as the coast, deserts, and plain lands. Therefore, how much effort is needed to look after the skin also varies.

Many steps can be followed and 8 of them will be discussed below.

Don’t Skip Sunscreen


Longer hours under the sun can cause great exposure to sun rays. This can lead to skin complications like sunburns, cell damage, and death which can then lead to skin cancer. One of the best ways to protect the skin of the whole body and the lips is to apply sunscreen of at least SPF 30 and should have a broad spectrum of protection.

Frequently applying sunscreen while being under the sun for several hours can prevent many diseases and complications such as increased melatonin and carcinoma cells. It also suppresses the process of premature aging of the skin.

The type of sunscreen used depends on what a person is comfortable using. The best so far recommended by a dermatologist is the one with zinc oxide and titanium oxide which are physical blockers rather than chemical ones. It should also protect from UVA and UVB rays. Let’s not forget the lips as skin cancer can also be found there.

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Many people think that, if they are applying sunscreen, they don’t need a moisturizer. This is not true. Sunscreens do not provide ample moisturization to the skin. Thus, one should not skip skin moisturizer. Though dry skin is usually a winter problem it should not be ignored during the summers either. Especially in areas where there is low humidity. Cracked skin can irritate and increase the rate of skin infections.

Although people have trouble using moisturizers as they feel heavy on the face, there are lighter ones that are easily available in drug stores. Using moisture with SPF in it will provide a dual function and will also feel lighter on the pocket.

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Less makeup is best


During summers everyone likes to take a break but allows the skin to feel it too. Less amount of makeup will let the skin breathe. Makeup usually wears off due to excessive sweating and often clogs pores. These things may be frustrating little to no makeup should be used that will allow you to enjoy the sunny days without any obstacles.

Makeup with SPF


Having makeup and sunscreen together on the face is too much to handle. But neither can be compromised while having an outdoor activity under the sun. There are events like summer weddings or beach parties where one desires to be pretty yet protected from the sun. Makeup with SPF is the perfect solution for such situations.

Tinted makeup and moisturizers with at least SPF 30 and are lightweight are very easily available in any drug store or cosmetic shop. SPF face powders are also very useful as they are easy to apply over makeup. To know if you have applied the right amount of SPF face powder, turn the face powder upside down and tap on the hard surface three times. use a brush and make sure there is plenty on it before applying.

Don’t forget to exfoliate


Makeup, sunscreen, and moisture are all necessary to have but all of them can cause a burden on the skin by creating clogging pores and giving rise to pimples and other skin-related flaws. Exfoliating once or twice a week can help prevent such clogging to take place and get rid of dead cells and blemishes on the face.

However, frequent exfoliating and doing it on the wrong type of skin can be problematic. Therefore, there are a few things to be kept in mind. Exfoliating should not be done on sunburned skin as it will irritate it more. Moreover, exfoliating more than twice can cause the skin to be tight and scaly.

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Accessories and clothing


Every season has its style and fashion. Dark clothing and accessories like brimmed hats and sunglasses can prove very useful. Dark clothes like jeans that are tightly woven are good emitters of heat. Although clothes like jeans might feel a bit uncomfortable during a heatwave. Some clothing companies make light summer-friendly clothes with chemical UV absorbers that too can help. Brim hats and UV-400 sunglasses are some of the accessories that can provide shade under the sun.

Wash your face but not too frequently

As the summer approaches, the temperature rises to cause more sweating and increased thirst. In such circumstances, you would feel like washing and showering multiple times a day. But too much washing washes away naturally produced moisture on the skin and makes it dehydrated.

Hence, showering once a day and after exercise is enough. As for washing the face, gently cleansing with lukewarm water in the morning and at night will just be fine. If sweating takes place during the day, try using blotting paper as it absorbs sweat much more effectively.

Consume plenty of water and fruits


If your insides stay hydrated your skin will glow more. Drinking water and consuming seasonal fruits will keep you hydrated and flush out toxins from the body. This way you will stay healthy and active throughout the summers.

Final thoughts

The needs of the skin change at the arrival of summer. Hence the needs should be met accordingly for the skin to stay healthy. With these easy steps, the summers will go by smoothly.

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