Redensyl-How does it affect your hair

Redensyl – How does it affect your hair

Over 60% of the people suffer from hair loss in India. It’s quite common, especially amount men (though women too suffer from hair loss). The most common types of hair loss conditions are pattern hair loss and telogen effluvium (a sort of temporary hair loss) which can occur in both men and women.

What causes hair loss?


There are several causes and triggers for hair loss conditions, for example, genetics, unhealthy diet, and lifestyle choices, medicines, illness, pollution, chemical-laden products, and heat treatments, the list keep continues. And people often wonder why they don’t have good hair days often.

Unfortunately, the occurrence of hair loss is only pushed by the spread of misinformation, expensive treatments, and an inclination towards trying out all home remedies, that make effective treatment difficult.

However, these are not the only things that make hair loss treatment a challenge.

Unfortunately, we are so busy living the hustle life that there isn’t always enough time for taking proper care of ourselves and our health. So, we tend to delay getting the treatment done on time even when we see the problem has started to take place. After only a couple of pokes from family and friends making sarcastic jokes about us looking like Bollywood villains and Vin Diesel is when we decide to take the treatment.

Even though the first rule of hair loss is to take treatment as soon as you see the problem. As that allows you to recover more volume in less time when you start early.

So, you must be wondering, what is the point of this blog? Don’t worry, we are getting there. While there are lots of expensive and painful treatments offering solutions available, there is a promising natural herb that is effective in treating hair loss – Redensyl.

What is Redensyl?


Redensyl is a plant-based compound that helps address and treat hair loss issues. It is also a non-irritant solution.

Redensyl is a naturally occurring compound and it assists in improving cell regeneration of follicles and also promotes hair growth. Technically talking, it is a green chemistry formula of patented molecules – DHQG and EGCG2: two stabilized polyphenols targeting the ORS bulge stem cells (ORSc is Outer Root Sheath stem cells) and the fibroblasts located in the dermal papilla (HFDPc stands for Human Follicular Dermal Papilla cells).

It is mostly prescribed to people in the initial stage – stage 1 for men and stage 1 and 2 for women, of hair loss or telogen effluvium.

Constituents of Redensyl

Redensyl consists of

  • Zinc Chloride
  • Meta-bisulfite
  • Glycerin
  • DHQG
  • EGCG 2
  • Water
  • Glycine

It is non-hormonal and ensures that hair growth at a cellular level is what your scalp gets. As it is a naturally occurring compound that has potent anti-inflammatories and amino acids that makeup hair proteins.

How Does Redensyl Work on Your Hair?


  • Redensyl is a hair growth serum that consists of plant extracts. It mainly acts on hair follicle cells to reactivate hair division by facilitating the initial hair growth phase.
  • The biological constituents of Redensyl, such as DHQG and EFCG2, should be mixed with water, zinc, and glycerine.
  • The constituents in Redensyl work towards hair growth, hair repair, and hair smoothening
  • Prevents the death of hair follicles and Stimulates hair to enter the hair growth phase
  • It significantly boosts hair density, thickness, fullness, strength, natural color, and overall health.

Treatment Is Ideal for


  • Suitable for women or men suffering from thin, weak hair and even those experiencing hair fall, bald patches.
  • Or If you have healthy hair growth, then Redensyl also helps continue and assist it. If you don’t suffer from any hair problems but wish to have a thick lock of hair hanging down your head, this will help you.

Does it Have Any Side Effects?

Clinical research about Redensyl indicates that by far no side effects have been seen. It provides benefits to hair growth without any detrimental effects.

Therefore, Redensyl is safe and is seen as a valuable alternative to hair transplants. It is completely made up of seven plant compounds for hair growth.

Multiple people have used Redensyl for Hair Loss and have seen positive results within two months of regular use. Several people use Redensyl to ensure hair growth and recommend it further as well.

Closing Words

Redensyl is natural and offers an effective solution to men and women with hair loss problems. Before you consider chemical-based or laser-based treatments it’s best to give a chance to Redensyl or Redensyl based products at the initial stage itself. The new The Indie Earth Advanced Red onion oil and The Indie Earth Advanced Red Onion shampoo contain Redensyl as the active ingredient. In addition, there are several more herbs, essential oils, and extracts that help treat hair loss.

We want you to make the most out of nature’s offerings before you turn towards harsh chemical treatments!


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