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  • Nourishes Skin & Defy Aging
  • A Natural Stress-Burster
  • Helps You to Tackle Anxiety
  • For Aromatherapy & Topical Use
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Vetiver Essential Oil is an essential oil extracted from perennial grass. This grass has roots in tropical regions of Asia, and is popular especially in India. People also call it “khus-khus”. The woody smell of Vetiver Essential Oil gives a soothing sense and makes body and mind relax.

Vetiver, a plant with numerous medicinal uses, also produces a beneficial essential oil that serves as a therapeutic agent for different purposes. Derived from high-quality Vetiver plants, our Vetiver Essential Oil is highly concentrated and sharply scented. We distil Vetiver essential oil from the premium quality Vetiver aged plant’s roots and provide you with 100% original and organic products. Vetiver essential oil is highly advantageous for skin and hair care, aromatherapy, stress-relieving, and medicine production and has a wide range of benefits in nervous coordination and blood circulation.

Vetiver essential oil is gently applied to the surface of the skin. Its sharp aroma releases stress and gives a soothing effect to the mind by invigorating it. It also helps with anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and depression. It also promotes a good night’s sleep by balancing hormonal action. The fresh and sharp aroma of the Vetiver essential oil is therapeutically beneficial for dealing with insomnia and night restlessness.

Undiluted Vetiver essential oil is a powerful insect repellent and effectively removes hair lice and other parasites. It has constituents that repel insects and prevent their inhabitation in hair. Vetiver essential oil moisturizes the scalp and also promotes hair growth.

Our Vetiver essential doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or any other impurities. It exhibits a warming and sedating effect on the skin and suppresses anger, irritability, and exhaustion.

Furthermore, the scent of Vetiver essential oil also relieves stomach, joints, and muscle pain and overcomes nervousness. It helps to deal with emotional trauma by releasing stress. Its delightful scent is cherished worldwide because of its stress-busting quality that makes aromatherapy even more tranquilizing.

Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil
Vetiver Essential Oil has different benefits either they are medical or related to beauty.
Some effective benefits of Vetiver Essential oil are :

Helps to feel relaxed

Another usage of this oil is that it helps you to tackle your anxiety. Because of the excellent scent of this oil, you feel calm and relaxed, decrease fatigue, and improve awareness.

Increases immunity

Vetiver Essential Oil helps to flush out all toxins from the body and increases immunity against various diseases. Better to use as an inhaler.

Anti-Aging properties

Due to its antioxidant properties, this oil will enhance your skin. If you use “skin creams” that contain Vetiver Essential Oil, it will improve your aging process. Your wrinkles start to improve, and your skin becomes soft and smooth. So, because of its antioxidant properties, it is used in many skincare products.

Nourishes Skin

Vetiver Essential Oil is also beneficial for your skin. It prevents acne ,formed by bacteria and promotes healthy skin. Also removes acne scars. Mix some oil drops in your face wash and make your face acne free

Reduces Anxiety

Vetiver Essential Oil helps to reduce anxiety and releases stress. Its aromatic fragrance calms your soul and body

Refresh hair

Vetiver Essential Oil contains many nutrients. It is natural essential oil. Because of its antimicrobial properties, it enhances your “blood circulation in the hair follicles.” It helps your hair to grow fast, preventing any hair infection. It will make your hair shiny, strong, and full of life.

Cosmetically beneficial

Vetiver Essential Oil also enhances your beauty and glamour. It makes the skin tighten and wrinkle free. Also improvise skin conditions.

Pure Vetiver Essential Oil For All Your Skin and Hair Concerns!

Uses of Vetiver Essential Oil
Vetiver essential oil can also be used in many products and for many purposes. The uses of Vetiver Essential Oil are plentiful, ranging from perfumes to cosmetics, gels, lotions, soaps, shampoos, sprays, perfumes, and candles etc


Used in aromatherapy applications, Vetiver's smell acts as an ordinary aphrodisiac, motivating sexual aspiration. To reduce stress, which in turn relaxes the body and thus increases work, only the veterinarian dilutes and spreads the essential oil.



Our vetiver essential oil has a floral fragrance and due to its floral aroma, Vetiver Essential Oil is used to make various kinds of perfumes. Vetiver Essential Oil due to its earthy and woody smell is also used to make deodorants especially for men.


Massage and bath oil

Our vetiver Essential oil can be used both for massage and bathing. Massaging using vetiver essential oil will help to remove mental stress through its soothing fragrance.


Soaps and scented candles

Due to its captivating smell, Vetiver Essential Oils are often used in soaps and scented candles. Adding Vetiver Essential Oil to soaps will be very useful to have a floral aroma on your body.


Skincare products

Vetiver Essential Oil is used in various skincare products. External skin irritation is reduced with skincare products made with Vetiver Essential Oil. It heals burned natural skin redness and rashes. It also helps to cure skin problems such as allergies, roughness, and drying. Due to its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities, vetiver essential oil is also helpful for acne and acne scars. This leaves skin clear of acne, toned, even, and blemish-free, as well as preventing future problems.

Why Choose Vetiver Essential Oil by The Indie Earth?
Why Choose Vetiver Essential Oil by The Indie Earth?

Vetiver Essential Oil due to its versatile properties has been a famous ingredient in native Indians life. It helps in all aspects of life either medically or related to beauty and health.

The Indie Earth is one of the leading sellers of premium quality vetiver essential oils. We offer the best quality Vetiver Essential Oil produced from the vetiver plants to our customers from various parts of the world. Our Vetiver Essential oil does not contain any artificial substances or colors and it is made purely from vetiver plant. Our vetiver essential oil can be bought from any parts of the world since we export them to different countries. You can buy our vetiver essential oil for various needs. Buy the best quality vetiver essential oil from us today itself. Buy premium quality Vetiver Essential oil by The Indie Earth at affordable prices.

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  1. veerapandian
    July 9, 2022
    Its really good powerful smell
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    July 7, 2022
    The scent is so refreshing and long lasting too. It lifts the mood quickly.
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