Lavender Essential Oil – Directly Sourced From Bulgaria

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  • Helps you sleep better
  • Promotes hair growth
  • A natural stress reliever
  • Treat skin problems – right from dryness to aging spots.
  • For Aromatherapy & Topical Use.
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Popular for its earthy, sweet characteristics, and spicy smell, Patchouli oil has been the favourite choice of users for over a century now. The oil is made from the leaves of the patchouli plant and is used in cosmetic applications and has curative properties too. The name of the oil is derived from the Hindi word “Pacholi”, which means, “to scent”. And that’s how the powerful musky smell of the oil makes it one of the best choices for aromatherapy.

The anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-depressant, aphrodisiac, astringent, pain-relieving properties of Patchouli essential oil, make the oil more superior and best for everyday use. The oil even rejuvenates hair, enhances skin health.

The relaxing and soothing aroma of Patchouli essential oil makes it the best pick for room fresheners. We at The Indie Earth, use a steam distillation process (steam and carbon dioxide) to extract Patchouli essential oil from the leaves, so that none of the properties gets harmed. Our Patchouli essential oil contains an abundance of bioactive constituents to help you get the best therapeutic benefits.

Our Patchouli essential oil can be even used as an insect repellent as it has a strong aroma. You can even mix the oil with other products to use it as an in-home cleanser to purify the spaces as well as air. Also, the best part, Patchouli oil by TIE doesn’t contain any other additives, chemicals, or fillers.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the major benefits and usage of our aromatic Patchouli oil!

Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil

Relieves Pain

The strong analgesic, pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory properties of Patchouli oil provides the best relief from pain and inflammation. If you are someone suffering from joint pains or arthritis, then you must consider using our Patchouli essential oil. The oil causes dilation of blood vessels naturally, hence you can also use it for treating painful muscle spasms, sore muscles, or other inflammatory issues.

Insect Repellent

Being carriers of several diseases, insects can be the root cause of different health issues. But all thanks to the antibacterial properties of our Patchouli essential oil. The oil has been used for centuries now to kill different types of insects like ants, fleas, house flies, and mosquitoes.

Boosts Skin and Hair Health

For centuries, Patchouli essential oil has been used for skin cell generation. The antibacterial properties of the oil and the active ingredients reduce scars, blemishes, and other signs of ageing effectively. The aroma of the oil fights off bacteria and pimples causing germs leaving your skin crystal clear radiant.

Relaxes Mind

The sedative and adaptogenic properties of our Patchouli essential oil not just relieve stress but also boosts mood. If used regularly, the oil can give mental stability by regulating stress hormones. You can also use this oil to reduce various symptoms of anxiety-like cold hands, uneasiness, and restlessness.

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Uses of Patchouli Essential Oil

Anti-inflammatory and Anti-depressant

Not just the aroma but also Patchouli oil is full of antidepressant qualities. You can blend the oil with different oils and use it whenever you are feeling low or tired. Also, if you are having dry scalp skin issues, Patchouli essential oil must be your first pick.


Soap Making

The musky, earthy, and calming fragrance of pure Patchouli essential oil boosts mood and relaxes the mind. You can use a few drops of oil in your soap or cologne for refreshment. Also, the oil is used for giving a distinctive scent to cleansing and cosmetic products.


Treating Congestion

The medicinal properties of our Patchouli essential oil give instant relief from congestion. The oil does this by clearing mucus and rheum deposits from the nasal passage.


Air Freshener

Patchouli essential oil is even known as a peace inducing oil and thus can be used as a room freshener. The oil has the ability to eliminate foul odour and also kills different disease-causing bacterias.



The harmonizing and deep aroma of Patchouli essential oil relaxes senses and boosts mood. The oil is often used in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety and stress. One can even sprinkle a few drops of Patchouli essential every day at night to get better sleep.


Cosmetic Products

Pure Patchouli essential oil promotes skin cell regeneration and gives a glow to skin. The oil can even be used to heal and recover from cuts or wounds. The umpteen active ingredients of patchouli oil also moisturize skin and fights off different signs of ageing.

Why Choose Patchouli Essential Oils From The Indie Earth?
Why Choose Patchouli Essential Oils From The Indie Earth?
The quality of Patchouli oil does matter a lot for relieving stress and for skin care purposes. And that’s why Patchouli oil by The Indie Earth is natural, best, and of premium quality. We always maintain the highest standard of quality and purity to give our customers the best product. Also, our Patchouli oil doesn’t contain any chemicals, pesticides, or fillers, hence, anyone can incorporate it in their daily haircare and skincare routine. Patchouli oil by The Indie Earth is skin-friendly and safer for you, however, we always recommend our customers to do the patch test, or dilute the essential oil with any other compatible carrier oil. We also follow the highest packaging standards and have a tie-up with the best logistic partners, to help you get the product safe and undamaged at your place. So, grab your hands on this full of benefits of Patchouli essential oil, and get off your anxiety right away!

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4 reviews for Lavender Essential Oil – Directly Sourced From Bulgaria

  1. Ekta Rodrigues
    July 9, 2022
    Its aroma is amazing and is soothing for skin prone to pimples
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    Sakshi Jadwani
    July 7, 2022
    Being someone who practices LOA and skincare, LAVENDER is something which plays an essential role in all of my stuff. Lavender boosts positive vibes, a jolly environment, self-confidence, and our vibrational frequency!

    Apart from Lavender Flavoured ...More
    Being someone who practices LOA and skincare, LAVENDER is something which plays an essential role in all of my stuff. Lavender boosts positive vibes, a jolly environment, self-confidence, and our vibrational frequency!

    Apart from Lavender Flavoured Candles, Insence sticks, Including this Lavender Essential Oil in my skincare and haircare has been my favourite and the most smartest move as an individual. The smell is heavenly! I add a few drops of this essential oil in my face toner, few drops in my face masks, and also in my hair masks!
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    July 11, 2022
    Very natural, genuine and authentic oil.
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    July 8, 2022
    I m a huge fan of Essential oils and when I say this this one is worth your money I meant it ,the smell is perfect and the quantity justify the amount will definitely gonna try different oils from this brand soon
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