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  • Can encourage hair growth and stop hair loss
  • Can prevent hair thinning and breakage
  • Helps arrest premature greying and baldness
  • Can give a healthy scalp, control skin infections and dandruff and split-ends
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An intense Highly effective hair

that not only restores natural shine and adds volume to lifeless hair but also helps in the regrowth of hair.

Improve your hair quality and quantity of your hair simply by using a Shampoo!

Gorgeous Thick Hair!
A Shampoo, which is

• Based on the Authentic Ayurvedic Principles
• Formulated using pure essential oils, extracts, and several premium-grade herbs.

Ages ago, our grannies used to sit and extract red onion juice and apply it to our hair so that we have healthy, thick, and long hair. They always knew that red onions can also prevent and restore hair loss. In today’s era, no one has time to sit and extract red onion juice. We have done this for you. We have made all the efforts to bring you the purest form of red onion extracts in the form of a shampoo.

The Indie Earth Red Onion shampoo is loaded with the benefits of red onions along with other premium oils and extracts to give you strong and thick hair.

This shampoo helps stop hair loss and promotes the healthy growth of hair. Further, other ingredients of this shampoo such as Curry Leaves, Ratan Jot, and Caffeine helps in preventing hair thinning, breakage, and split ends.

Read the opinion of the Users about the shampoo


Whoever created this shampoo are very smart people, who really thought of people who have bad hair growth or who have lost hair. This shampoo is top of the range, this made my hair grow. This also makes hair real clean looking and so soft. I'm on my 3rd bottle and my hair is growing. Everybody is commenting on my fast growth and how healthy, shiny and soft it looks.

Elli Ben

I went from blonde back to brown and my hair was so damaged after being blonde for a year my hair stopped growing I lost a lot of hair when I used to have really thick long fast-growing hair, now it's growing with this shampoo. Don’t listen to the people who are giving bad ratings. They don't have a clue what they are doing and give up too easily. I love this shampoo, I will forever buy it 100000 stars.

Sean Paul

After being recommended by my aunt, I gave this a try. I'm a 25-year young male, I have a receded hairline which accelerated in the last two years due to stress and emotional distress. I had no hair on my temples and barely have hair on the middle front. I can literally see hair strands growing in these areas. This is a miracle for me.

Temmy S

This is an amazing shampoo for thickness. My hair fell out after chemo and my hair grew back from January to March. I am so happy. Thank you The Indie Earth. I recommend this shampoo to everyone.


I have been using this shampoo for the last 3 years. We have been thru menopause. alopecia... and hair thinning...this shampoo has been my savior... also for my 18 yrs daughter. The shampoo is not a magic shampoo making your hair grow and you can see visible differences.

Loisy Shel

Very high-quality shampoo and mask. However, after a couple of months, I'd only see minor changes while only using the shampoo. But I am really happy that my hair has become dense and thick.

The New Advanced Red Onion Hair Shampoo has an effective combination of Red Onions with Redensyl along with Curry Leaves, Ratan Jot, Caffeine, and several other handpicked herbs

Red Onion Juice

Red Onion is rich in quercetin, a powerful anti-oxidant, which is highly effective for hair fall control & hair regrowth. Enriched with Sulphur, Red onion oil also helps in minimizing breakage & thinning of hair.


Redensyl is the newest advancement against hair loss. This compound is a blend of 7 plant compounds for hair growth. Redensyl effectively shows the result without any side effects. It also works as an anti-inflammatory and amino acid that build up protein for hair.

Curry Leaf Extract

The curry leaf extract not only helps in promoting speedy hair growth but can also control hair loss. It also helps to strengthen the hair and repair the damage as well. It also prevents dandruff.

Ratan Jot Extract

(Alkanet Root)
It can prevent all scalp infections including dandruff and premature greying of the hair. This herb also helps in promoting hair growth.


(Coffee Extract)
Caffeine helps to promote hair growth straight from the root in the initial phases. It can also speed up the hair growth cycle and increases the length of the hair. Since caffeine increases blood circulation in the scalp, it can promote healthy hair follicles which will further result in healthier and faster hair.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties that calm an itchy scalp. It deep cleans oily hair and further helps in making the hair look healthier, shinier, and softer. Vitamins in Aloe Vera can promote healthy cell growth and shiny hair. When applied to the scalp and hair, hair breakage and loss can slow down.

Castor Oil

Enriches your scalp, increases blood circulation which further helps to improve hair growth. Castor Oil also makes the roots stronger and prevents hair fall. It is also capable of triggering and stimulating hair growth from dormant follicles.

Almond Oil

The light-weight and aromatic oil help to treat dandruff and hair damage. It keeps a check on scalp infection and inflammation. The oil is beneficial to treat hair loss and split ends and provides softer, stronger, and shiny hair.

Amla Extract

(Indian Gooseberry)
Amla can strengthen the scalp and hair and reduces premature pigment loss from hair. It not only helps in stimulating hair growth and reduce hair loss but also helps in taking care of dandruff & dry scalp and prevent parasitic hair. It can also improve the overall appearance of hair.

Nagarmotha Extract

It helps in washing off dandruff and cleansing the dust and dirt from the scalp which helps in reducing the itchiness of the scalp. It can also prevent split ends, thus, keeps the hair healthy and strong. It has the potential to heal the damages caused to the hair.

Amar bel Extract

(Cuscuta reflexa)
The extracts of Amar bel facilitate the proliferation of the hair follicles. It not only helps in preventing hair loss but is also helpful for promoting hair growth.

Parsley Extract

Parsley support strong and shiny locks. It helps in fighting hair loss and treating & preventing dandruff. It not only helps in boosting hair growth but also can protect natural hair color.

*The product is safe for daily use and color-treated hair.

Here is what our customers say about
– Have been using this shampoo for about 2 months and I have noticed in the last week that I have new hair growing! I couldn’t be happier before this I was very skeptical about it, but I can honestly say it’s working for me even my hairdresser commented on it!
This Actually works! Been suffering from hair loss for the past 2 years ( I was 23) and have had a gradually receding hairline and thinning crown for a while now. I have also tried many hair loss shampoos which in my opinion actually made my hair worse. Been using this for a month and I’ve received the first compliment on my hair. people are telling me it looks thicker – including my barber. After washing, hair feels a lot more dense and thick whilst still being soft, and the smell is lovely too.
I love this product, I suffer from psoriasis, and my head gets really scabby, flaky, and itchy and my hair was very thin, since I have started using this shampoo along with the mask, my hair has got thicker and shinier, and amazingly my psoriasis has gone!!! Now I am not having hair loss anymore. I am going to buy this shampoo forever.
Peter Blue
Read the reviews, wasn’t sure, but this shampoo actually works, it’s amazing. After going through the mental pause, felt my hair was getting very thin and have tried literally everything but this one really does help and in the last 3 months, I can see lots of new hair strands.
Mrs. Redman
My hair has been falling out for years and I do use minoxidil and finasteride but it still falls out a lot even using them. I started using this shampoo a month ago and honestly, my hair is the best it’s been for years. So much so I get very little hair loss even I noticed news strands coming out. Daina Mathew
Wow! This shampoo instantly made my hair look thick. Usually, it’s flat and limp the day after shampooing but nope, it doesn’t change at all and continues looking great. I’ve never used a shampoo like this before. As for the hair fall, I noticed some differences after a few weeks. I hope I have thick long hair soon. I am so positive about it.
How to use Red Onion Hair Growth Shampoo


Wet hair thoroughly and apply shampoo generously.



Starting at the scalp, gently massage the product into a light lather and then work the product through to the ends of the hair.



Rinse well and repeat as needed. (For best result follow Red Onion Haircare Regime)

Here is what our customers say about The Indie Earth Red Onion shampoo


I love this shampoo! It is working for me and my hair is starting to feel thicker. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now. I'll keep using it to see if it continues to work further down the line. Very happy so far


so far about 20 percent hairs coming back. I am so happy about it. It’s only 2 weeks that I started using this shampoo. It also cleans hair perfectly.


My hair stopped falling out and started to regrow. I was very unwell for 3 months last year and half my hair fell out. I started using this shampoo and after a month or so my hair started to stop falling out so much After a few months it stopped falling out and then there was a lot of regrowth.


Love this shampoo I suffered from hair loss and thinning after having my second child and this has made it grow back stronger and longer! When I started using was 2 years back and my hair was at my shoulders and now 2020 it's at my belly button.

Lisa Morrison

Love love love this product. I have fine hair that was so greasy and needed an everyday wash bar and a scraped-up dry shampoo do. I also had what's called 'baby hair' on either side of my hairline. However, with this, I don’t need to wash my hair every day and my hair doesn’t look greasy anymore


Without a doubt the best shampoo for thinning hair - I started using this months ago when I started to notice lots of hair loss (and I mean lots) in the shower or on my clothes. I have now gone through 3 bottles of this and have noticed hardly any hair loss at all. My hair feels thicker and healthier.

Jane Vitali

Hair has started growing, hair fallout has reduced. My hair has not been the same since my pregnancies. It has definitely started growing again in the worst affected areas, hairline, temples, and nape. Hair fall out has also reduced by 75%.


Honestly if you have hair loss, don’t go anywhere else! Have used this product for two years with a break in the middle which actually started to fall back out again. You obviously have to follow the instructions on the bottle to work and it does I’ve never had hair loss ever since I am regularly using this shampoo.

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